Flutter of a wing, flicker of a light

Wish upon a star

Glimmer of a young firefly

Becomes of what you are


Flurry of rose blossoms

Fills the whole night

With a desire, a passion of no other

A heavenly beauty, a loving sight


As I see the whole world flicker

In the ember of your eye

I see the princess I never knew I was

Soaring up high in the sky


Floating moonbeam, giver of love

As I pour my heart to you, my sweet young dove

Spread your wings and go away, fly

Be the young sweetheart I knew you once by!


Sun drenched, sun bathed

In the utopia of dreams

A wish, a want, floating high and by

Beyond the glittering emerald streams


Cold blizzards pass around

With their haunting melody

Their messages cruel yet profound

Sweeping streets in serenity


Dreams angels desired

Lie beyond this ethereal earth

Screaming, wanting, speaking its dark dreaming

Leaving behind its girth


Speak no more, not a word

For you shall be therein thereby

And I will look upon your angel eye

With all my heart, high in the sky