A sea of trees
roots piercing rock-
like old mother's twigs
the litter, the signs of life

as i reach the interior
windless silence.

i cannot see Mount Fuji that spat fire,
the sun,
for the greedy branches compete
with interlocking arms…

i shut my eyes to the faces
knurled in the bark,

Yūrei of ubasute—
to them i cannot explain…

the coarse burn of rope that netted fish
and cut hands brought inland.

Yūrei of ubasute—
to them i cannot explain…


Finally I ask,
"In a sea of trees who can sail?"

Author's Note: This poem is not pro-suicide. It's to affirm the powerful feelings and emotion of people who suffer from depression but also to note the dangers of becoming too focused on the self, on problems. Yurei is a term for spirits or ghosts; ubasute refers to the alleged custom in Japan's distant past of abandoning an infirm or elderly relative in a remote location to die. "Aokigahara" or the sea of trees is located at the base of Mr. Fuji and is the second most popular place in the world for suicide. I did get my info from Wikipedia.