Cyber Bullying

Bullying is becoming a major issue in our schools. Especially, cyber bullying, where you say mean comments to people online. Cyber bullying gives the bully more control, and they don't have to see the other persons reactions. To them its okay, because they don't realize their is another human being staring at a computer screen as well. They call people names like slut, cunt, bitch, psycho, delusional, insane, psychopathic, etc, etc. They think they can say whatevers on their minds, and that it doesn't hurt the person on the other side. Cyber bullying is becomming a MAJOR issue. It is becomming too much of a problem, and in the movie Clickster an amazingly beutiful women continues to get bullied by kids at her school to the point where she tries to commit suicide. Luckily she is stopped, but not all kids who are cyber bullied are stopped from commiting suicide. This is where the problem is. I'd love to hear your stories on if you or a friend has ever been cyber bullied. Just send me you or your friends stories in a review by typing on in the box below. I will be writing a longer stance against cyber bullying upon getting these stories. I feel we need to raise awareness against cyber bullying especially.