I've never been one

To care much about good looks

I'm the type of girl

Who'd rather stick to her books

But lately I care

A little more about my hair

I stand longer in front of the mirror

Wishing my face were clearer

And at the end of the day

It's me I hate

For all the things I ate

Knowing he'll never love me

If I put on anymore weight

I think back to the times

When I said "popularity" is just a word

Those days when I could care less

About shoes and these things called longboards

When the games I played

Were more than just charades

When I didn't have to be

Someone I'm not

Pretending to be friends

With these stuck-up snots

I am quickly losing myself

To a people

Who won't even remember my name

And isn't it a shame

How I've sold myself into such a freak of fame

The smile you used to see

Is quickly fading away

And the happiness I bargained

Just wasn't a fair trade

For who I have become these days

I have been gifted

With friends who talk behind my back

And to my face I see them smirk

My boyfriend is a flirt

And everyday I actually look forward

To going to work

The place where I can cry

Without anyone asking why

Because like everywhere else, they just don't care

My father always said

Life isn't fair

But this, this is.

I was well aware

That the price I paid

To get my chance at fame

Was not worth the trade

And the person I am today

Is only a fragment

Of the girl I watched fade

And wasn't I a fool

For thinking I could pass as cool!

Now the smile that once set me apart

Has become like my heart;

Hidden by a mask

And my parent's don't know

Because they never asked

The girl I am today

Is dying to be thin

And the hours spent in a gym

Still aren't enough for him

And yes.

I'm killing myself

Just to fit in

So that smile I sold

The smile you once overlooked

Can now only be seen and read

In books