Springtime Soliloquy

You're as constant as the seasons
And as distant as summer.
Tell me it's not that time of year

You smile and I can't help
But feel like it's spring,
Like winter has gone and left
On its deathbed.

But death was never our problem.

Silence and distance has always been
And will always be
Our problem.

Have you any idea how much I adore
The repetitive nature
Of our tentative state?
And have I ever told you how much I hate
The ever-changing nature
Of this metaphor war?

I wish I were someone else
And that you were someone else,
And that we could meet as strangers,
And build a dam to prevent too much water
From flowing under the bridge.

We'd fall in love, and that would be it,
And no longer would I be dangling,
Like a marionette on a string,
Waiting, always waiting
For spring.