The Last Breath Of Revenge

I wake up all alone,

In a room unfamiliar to me,

I look but everyone's gone,

There is no one I can see.

What happened last night?

Where am I now?

A slams and I jump with fright,

How did I get here? How?

Loud footsteps come down the stairs,

Slowly my fear begins to grow,

Heavy feet like paws on bears,

I try to get up slow.

The room is dark they won't see me,

But I am tied up it cannot be.

What will happen?

What's going on?

I hear a knife being sharpened,

Where's everybody gone?

Someone help!

Please save me now!

But no matter how I yelp,

There is no how.

He grabs my hair,

And cuts my neck,

My flesh does tear,

Blood spills sticky and wet.

I can no longer see,

A single thing,

No, this can't be,

Am I really dieing?

I say quietly,

So that he can hear me,

"I will get you,

I'll have my revenge,

No matter what you do."

And then it all ends.

Years later I find myself,

Wondering down an abandoned street,

There's a house by itself,

Alone on this street.

I walk through the door,

And there he sits,

The one who murdered me.

I glide up to him and tap on his head,

He turns and says, "I thought you were dead!"

The fear in his eyes,

Like what I felt then,

I look up to the skies,

Then back down at him.

You killed me, I say,

I've come to take my revenge,

He runs upstairs to try and get away,

This will be your end.

I float through the ceiling,

And find him by a window,

So simple now,

I know how.

I walk up to him,

And push him out,

I listen to them,

The screams he did shout.

Now I can rest,

Knowing no others will be hurt,

Now I will rest,

I no longer feel hurt.