On a hot Friday afternoon, Carla Sanchez met up with a couple new friends she had recently met at the library a couple of weeks ago. They recently moved to Las Vegas from Milwaukee and Mayfield. Carla liked these new women and found them friendly. One of them was checking out medical books.

"Are you a student?" Carla asked the woman with the medical books.

"No, I'm not. I have a practice. My specialty is taking care of children who have depression and anxiety," the woman told Carla.

Carla looked at the name on the yellow card.

"It's nice meeting you, Dr. Fonzarelli. Do you prefer Tiffany Branson – Fonzarelli or Dr. Fonzarelli?" Carla asked.

"When patients see me, it's Dr. Branson – Fonzarelli. For friends, it's Tiffany."

"Welcome to Las Vegas, Dr. Branson – Fonzarelli. It is nice to meet you. Your books are due back in two weeks," Carla told Tiffany.

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Call me Carla. Want to have lunch next week?" Carla asked as she handed Tiffany the yellow card back.

"Alright. Should I call here or do you want to call my office for a date and time?" Tiffany asked.

"Give me your house phone and we'll go from there. I know a great Mexican place we can go. A friend of mine is both chef and owner there. Her food is really good."

"What's the name of the place?" Tiffany asked.

"Tina's. You might enjoy it there. It's actually a hangout."

"Really? Interesting."

After that, Tiffany had left and Carla kept busy checking people out until it was time for her to go home. Carla was home before her friend and roommate, Karen McCarey. Karen often came home late because she is a police officer on the Las Vegas force. Carla started fixing dinner for the two of them, even if it meant eating late.

While Carla made dinner that night, which was salad, spaghetti, rolls, bread and milk to go along with it. While she made the spaghetti, Karen called and said she would be home soon.

"Okay. I am making dinner now so it should be ready when you come in. I have something to tell you when you come home."

"I wonder what it could be. You and Gunnar getting married?"

"Good guess, but no."