After eating supper with the gang that night, Carla and Karen drove home in separate cars.

"I think I might be late tonight, Carla. Before I came for dinner with the gang tonight, I was called at the sheriff's department. If I come home when you're sleeping, you can give me Tiffany's description and I will share if with the police department," Karen said.

"Okay. I can put the boys to bed for you if you'd like," Carla told Karen.

"Don't bother. They already have a baby - sitter so they should be in bed by the time you get in," Karen said.

"All right. See you in the morning if not tonight when you get home," Carla said, car keys unlocking the door of her Sedan.

Karen watched as her best friend drove off. After Carla's Sedan was out of sight, Karen was now able to get to the sheriff's office. Sometimes she had to work late at night like this but it wasn't often they had asked her to. Once Carla pulled into the driveway at her house she now shared with Karen, her cell rang.

"Hi, Carla," Olivia said.

"Hi, Olivia. Any word about Tiffany?" Carla asked.

"No. I tried calling, but I have no clue to what's going on," Olivia said.

Carla could tell by listening to her friend's voice, Olivia did sound worried.

"You sound like you're about to cry," Carla told her.