No one can tell you the exact circumstances regarding its beginning, but everyone knows of how it all ended; the story of a not-so hero and his father, completely out of food and drinks, going out to get the necessities of human life. Some will say that the not-so hero was a handsome young stud, but personally I believe that he was your average teen, albeit possibly a shut-in without a life. Of course, that is merely my own take on the story, so who am I to say such things, when the tale is one of legendary status, and I am simply human?

Now, to get to the fable, the exact start of it is unknown, but the part everyone can agree on is that it was a day that, at least in the universe of mythology, was like any other, the power of friendship not necessary to make it through til the night. Despite being a land of saga, you could not see any dragons in the sky, nor could you hear songs of the dead from the sea, and most of the, if you're meant to call them such, humans were just that; humans. You see, people in this world were much like they are in this world, discontent with their lives, yet far too apathetic and dilatory to do anything about it, just like the lackadaisical as well as indolent proletariat making up our own population, with their disregard for ambition and aspiration as of yet another careless nation. This thought-provoking manifestation, granted interesting, is not the subject of today's legend's damnation.

You see, our not-so hero, yet not-quite antagonist, had happened to have stumbled upon the chance of a lifetime, or at least so for him, for our almost yet not-quite protagonist was living a rather dull life at the time, as his journey, his path of growth, was one he had abandoned as of long, instead opting to spend his remaining days with the spirit of a child at a computer after just having discovered the obscenity and vulgarity that is often said to be the majority of the computer network commonly known as the internet. You see, the not-so hero of this story was one who often spent his free time in this manner, but a study regarding the mental fallacies this can lead to is not what this story is meant to be, so we shall instead go straight to the story.

For, you see, this certain day in the world of mythos, the father of a hero, a man not of high social status, nor of particularly low, just yet another nobody in the population of this cosmos, asked his son, our not deserving central figure of narrative to join him on a travel to the emporium, a local boutique supplied with all the necessities of life, lacking concern of whatever medication someone might need, surplus of a lot not quite necessities, like sugary delicacies and such. Our, sadly, principal character, lacking anything more intellectual to do with his fifteen minutes of fame, decided to acknowledge this proposition with confirmation of acceptance.

Now, what exact events took place during this journey varies from account to account, but I can tell you of the culmination that everyone agrees on: No matter what precise developments followed my earlier explanation, it all resulted with an end result of a satisfied not-so hero, whom the law of the universe had allowed to choose what he wished to have as for snacks and drinks the coming weekend. As this anecdote lacks further meaning, I shall end it by stating that you have merely wasted time of your life that could otherwise have been spent productively by listening to it.