Many Paths

We are all searching

For what makes us truly sing

What makes our souls delight in fulfillment

We all have our different ways,

Our different beliefs,

Our different paths

On our roadmaps of discovery

Everyone has their own certain needs

For what really makes them fly

With their spiritual wings

We can't all go the same route

For how dull would that be

We all have something to share, to teach

Just different trails that we take to reach

That source of knowledge and profound wisdom

We do not all have to agree with each other's way

But we can accept that that is each one's own special way

Our own philosophy of life

That guides us to our one-of-a-kind answers

Only suitable to that individual,

And nobody else

As we are all unique

And should be free to stand up for what we believe

To each his or her own,

For that is their journey

Who are you to say that that is wrong?

For there are many paths,

That lead to that one destination

Filling us up with wholeness

Many paths,

One destination,

Follow your own truth

And be free in the knowledge that this is for you

And you alone

Be who you are meant to be

Regardless of what others think

And only then, will you soar

On clouds of illumination and tranquility

Follow your own truth

And then you will truly be free.