I love those days of quiet happiness,
When the future is as unsure as
Misty rain, but somehow
That's okay.

On some days, I'm in love with love,
And on other days,
It is in love with me too.

The cool muted dampness
Of afternoon air,
Somehow softens the absurdity
Of life.

I wander in the sea-salt air,
Amongst a circle of greenery
And life that is so
Intrinsically there.

I think of you,
And of her,
And of him
And of them,
And of everybody
I do not yet know
But will love
One day.

The rain cloys in my hair,
Leaving pretty raindrops,
And I smile in the face of

I could sink into the mist
And disappear if I'm not careful,
Lost in a soft smile and whispered words
That echo in my mind.

Just promise me you'll hold my hand.
Don't let me get lost in the fog,
For it is a proclivity of mine.