Hades and Persephone

Surely, I've been buried long enough!

No! Stay a while longer,
In my bed, in the shadows and the flames.

But I can feel the sun from here-through deep earth and deeper rock. Haven't I stayed long enough?

I cannot feel the sun when you're away,
Only cold stones and empty stares from vacant souls.
I am a lonely king
And you are my only solace.

But you promised! We had an agreement!

I didn't think I would need you so,
Your starlit mortality, your earthy fragility
You brought life to a barren place and
I cannot do without.

But we agreed...

Aren't you happy here?
Tell me you've been happy!
I could not bear the slightest wisp
Of sorrow on your brow.

I've been happy. But I am always half a world away and I ache for it. And my mother is waiting. You promised her too-

Please stay-

You promised.

I know.
I know you must go.
But I want you to stay.

I can't.

Promise you'll come back.
Promise that you'll bring the spring,
The summer, warmth and breezes
Down with you.
Promise you'll miss me.

I am destined to miss one life or the other. Don't be sad. I'll come back when the earth begins to die again.

I'll try.
Go then.
But come back to me.

I promise.

I love you.








I am a lonely king.