This is a perfectly truely false story. It's about a girl, let's call her Alice. Alice was sort of special, or maybe just crazy. She could see and speak to and hear the dead. She once met a boy ghost about her age, let's call him Tomas. He 'attached' himself to her (the basic equivilent of haunting), they spent six full months together. They fell into a tight and lasting love. Love is not butterflies, it's taking someone else's hands and spinning as fast as you can, until it stops. Tomas was 'fading' (death for the dead, where they move on). Alice dropped her living boyfriend and a few friends so she could spend Tomas's last few days with him. When he died, when the other person spinning let go, Alice was left, dizzy and alone. She cried. She still cries. She still hurts, yet she continues on with other unfortunate souls, both alive and dead because she promise Tomas she would. Even though it all felt real, Alice still wonders: was it even real, or was she crazy?