"You asshole! What was that for?!"Alice yelled at her new ghost 'friend', getting out of the small pool and sitting in a sunny spot to dry off. "You push me into a mud pit, I push you into a pond you were about to get into anyway, evens things out if you ask me." Tomas defended, shrugging his shoulders and leaning against a shaded tree. "Well then it's a damn shame no one asked you! Damn product of my insanity..." Alice mumbled, "What?" Tomas asked, Alice had always been fairly certain that she was just psycho when she talked to the 'dead', that's what most her family told her. She headed back to the water, she was already soaked, what was the harm? "What the Hell are you doing now? If you go under your feet will get stuck under those little shelves or knock yourself out!" Tomas yelled as Alice went into the water to where it got waist deep. "I'll be fine, besides, there was a good chance I could have done that when you pushed me in too." Alice pointed out. Tomas carefully waded in and started dragging her back out, leaving a chilly feeling on Alice's arm where he held it. "No. It's dangerous, I died young, and you're my ticket to get out of the yard, I'm not going to watch you do something stupid and get yourself hurt or killed. Dying young has no perks, I promise, except cute girls who evidently have death wishes, but that doesn't really count." He said critically, teasing at the end. "Fine, stupid boy." Alice said, going to a new sunny spot to dry off; trying to distract her for a moment Tomas asked "So, what's new in the world?". Alice looked at him and said "Everything", she explained a little after that, but decided anything else he needed to know he would figure out as they went along. She sat for a while longer, letting the sun dance over her already tanning skin. "Well, your dry, let's go to this house of yours that Edna has told me so much about, I here that there's a piano." Tomas said, smiling and wiggling his eyebrows. "Remind me to thank Edy for her support" Alice said sarcastically, thinking of her young friend with an easy smile and a habit of making mischief. This curious new pair then made their way back to the Porter household, where things were already getting interesting.

"Alliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Carissa and Anna yelled as they ran towards Alice, try as she might, Alice could never sneak around her little sisters when she got back from a walk. "How many of you are there?" Tomas whispered as Carissa, the youngest eyed him suspiciously. She could see the dead too, evidently, insanity of similar natures ran in the family; "Henry should be home in an hour, Mom's in the kitchen, Grandma August is gardening and Jenna is brooding in her bedroom. Plus all of you, so yeah, we're a little full." Alice whispered as she sprinted past her younger sisters towards Jenna's room, maybe she could sick them on her for long enough to get outside again. "Get out!" She yelled, 18-year-old girls were always so, ugh. Okay" Alice said, happily leaving out the large window in Jenna's first floor room. "Finally! Free! Mom saw me, so I'm good to be out and about for another hour yet." Alice said cheerfully, hopping on her bike and headed towards the old Coats park. When she got there, she took a notebook and pen and told Tomas to stay still as she drew him. "So what's your story" Alice asked, "You first" He said, so, she did. She had to slap him three times at some of the comments he made though. Sure she wasn't nice, but he wasn't sensitive. They made a good pair.

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