A shadow shifted from one rock to the other, hiding safely behind each one as it went. A fin showed from the top, the color of the rock beneath it. A faint glow showed from the shade, separated by leaves strewn over the hidden creature. Gills slowed to a stop, dead silence fell over the underwater alcove.

There was a flash of color, bright blue over dull grays and browns. It was gone the next second, swift as the current itself. The next second there was a scream, a shriek almost, of fear and...excitement?

Ranpu swam out from behind the rock, squealing as she was pursued by her mate, Manako, who was relentlessly tickling her freckles. The glowing spots were very sensitive, and if only lighting touched, extremely ticklish. Ranpu hated them. Manako loved them.

"Ko-o-o!" Ranpu whined, swishing her tail back and forth to try and ward off her attacked. One of the fins flicked over Manako's third eye, and she shot back, clutching her sides with laughter.

"Cheater!" Manako jeered, diving forward to wrap her arms around Ranpu's shoulders, bringing her tail around her mate's to hold her still. Ranpu's teal eyes, bright before, darkened with uncertainty. She shifted, giving Manako a questioning glance.

"Alright then, you have caught me." Ranpu said blandly. "Now what?"

Manako leaned forward to plant a gentle kiss on Ranpu's cheek, before releasing her, all but her hand. She tugged her towards the surface, and when they reached it they both hovered there for a moment, watching the cloudy sky from beneath the waves.

"It is going storm." Ranpu pointed out. Manako nodded.

"We should head back to the cave."

Fingers laced, they swam towards shore. Upon reaching it, they stayed where they could still swim, following the shoreline to their cave. It was low tide by the time they reached it, so they fumbled about over the sand before they made it into the watery cave. It was deep enough that, even during low tide, when the oath to it was dry, they could still swim around. It was large enough for them both to stretch out and turn, and to play a bit. It even had a few rocky edges where they set stuff (mostly jewelry or that night's dinner).

Ranpu swam over to the edge and quickly pulled off her net top. It had been scratching her all day, and her skin was turning a dark teal from being irritated.

"Already stripping? Eager much?" Manako said, swimming over to a different shelf to set her necklace down. She reached down to unwrap the string of shells from her tail, and when she had straightened out, she saw that Ranpu had already secured a large leaf around her torso. She was slightly disappointed.

"Did you stock up for the storm?" Ranpu asked, disappearing under the water to find their fish storage. She surfaced with a small squid. It wasn't small, actually, it was big enough for them both to share, but still small compared to other squid. "I could only catch a few squid during my hunting trip. I apologize."

Manako smiled. "Don't worry, I got quite a few travellies." She assured her, swimming over to take the squid. She pulled a sharp shell from her hair piece and promptly began slicing the squid, separating what could be eaten from what would make them sick.

After dinner, the two lounged around the cave. The rain had started, and already thunder boomed loud and lightning flashed in the sky. In their cave, they were safe, but Ranpu had never liked thunderstorms. The lightning scared her and the thunder hurt her sensitive ears. She was too used to the darkness of her birthplace, and the eerie quiet.

Manako wrapped her arms around her, pulling her to where she was mostly laying over her. She hugged her tight, whispering in her ear to calm her. Ranpu still winced with every clap of thunder, shut her eyes to block out the lightning.

Manako, suddenly hit with an idea, tugged gently at Ranpu's dorsal fin to get her attention. When she looked up, Manako led her so that they were both completely underwater, fins flapping gently to keep them submerged. The sound was dulled, and with Manako running her hands over Ranpu's glowing spots, she couldn't find time to be worried about lightning.

The sensitive spots lit up brighter as the blue hands skimmed across them, lingering on each one to trace the edge before moving to the next. When she reached the place where the spots ended, she ran her hands over Ranpu's gills. They flared at the attention as Ranpu's breath hitched.

They had both soon forgotten about the storm, lost in each other. The cave filled with soft sound of passion and pleasure, echoing off the walls in a sweet song. Soft, slow touches turned to frenzied motions, a desperate need for each other. Outside, the storm raged on, but in the cave, it was only the two of them.