Where is God in the words my dad screams at me?

Where is God when people scream their own hate at me,

And declare that they are His truths?

Where is God when my world falls apart?

When my best friend slices her arms open to

Feel anything?

Where is God in this broken world?

I can't feel Him at all

And my parents keep telling me that He cares

For me and I can't bring myself to believe them

I don't think He cares, I don't believe He does

People keep telling me that He sent His Son

To die for me

But I find that hard to swallow when I'm told

That it's only for people who are straight, and women who are meek

And obedient, without thought for their own wants

Where was He when I prayed for Him to save the day

And nothing happened at all

I can't find Him in this world

And now that I can't I refuse to trust that He's here at all