What happens when Jesus dying for me is no longer enough?

What happens when there's no one to save me from my own fears?

Is it possible that in all my brokenness, that I'm no longer worth


Can someone still be a sinner if they no longer believe God cares?

I want to love God with all my heart, my mind, and my soul

I want to be a sweet, little, Christian girl

I want to have faith that carries me away and makes me complete

But then the world turns around and shows her pain and her sorrow

And I feel so confused that I become paralyzed

I know that there is beauty in Grace, that there is kindness there too

People talk about how they've been rescued from the dregs

How God changed their lives for the better

And it hurts because He has yet to do so for so many others and

For myself as well

Okay so I realize that I have a lot of doubts. But it helps to get them all out. Thank you to all the people who responded to Where Is God. Believe it or not they helped a lot. Thanks to those reading this as well, it helps knowing that someone else is reading these words.