I have been broken, as times before
But as always my heart will mend
For it is truth that if all is not well
We have yet to reach the end

So I will pick up my hopes and carry them far
As I cast away this deep-set pain
I'll stitch my skin a little tighter
And break these self-made chains

I know I will fall, like many before me
But in falling, I will rise
The world will be forced to listen
As a steady hand replaces a broken cry

Oh the downtrodden, we will triumph
And all our fears shall fade
The sun will hide behind the clouds
But we will be happy in the shade

So spare me the angst and the tragedy
I've no time to waste with half-choked screams
For it would be folly to dwell on my past
When the future holds my dreams

My friends, never fear as you walk with me
Along this winding road
As each step leads to promise
Another carries us home

The first stride is always the longest
As I'm sure you're well aware
Just take one more faith filled leap
And you'll find your courage waiting there

So shed off your masks and shine as you are
There is no need to keep pretending
For as the world turns, I can promise you this
Out there waits your happy ending