The Passion Of A Scorpio

If all you want to do is
Fuck around
Then I'm afraid I'll be no good for you.
I don't do subtle,
And I don't go half way.

I don't fuck – it's dirty and dark,
A pastime to partake in
In the shadows.
I make love – with my eyes open
And the lights turned on.

Show me what lingers
In the light of your eyes.
Prove to me that you have a soul.

Don't act up for cameras
That aren't there –
None of this
Three-sixty panoramic
Cinematic shit,
Repeating concentric circles
Like a plane coming into land,
Before finally,
The tension breaks like
A single scream in the silent dark.

Nobody cares about us but us,
And anyway, we all know
Real love isn't like that –
Like what you see on the silver screen.

Remember that they're actors,
And we're just real people.
What do they know of us?