Ok here is the first chapter of my new story. I'm going to explain it more here because the summary didn't have enough room for it. Basically it's about this guy who has social problems, because he has a speech impedement. He's out wishing that something could happen where he could leave this world. Or have something from another world come here. And their his wish is granted...well sort of. While out in his sort of a pity party. One of the other main girls in this story goes to the same place he is. When they are both in the same spot, they are accidentally transported up to a huge spaceship. They are then taken to the planet of the clones where he meets Kamikay, Genie, and other people their. I can't tell you more than that or else it would ruin the story. Please RxR.

P.S. - the parts in italics is where basically Kiyoshi is narrating the story. Plus, this is just basically a script. I really don't have enough skill to write a story. This is basically for the manga and/or TV show.

It started like any other day. Sitting in boring school, trying hard to stay awake in my boring classes. I suppose though you could call that normal for me. My name is Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi Saitoe. The name means quiet. My parents gave that name to me when I was first born...well, ofcourse they did. I mean it's because of what i did. My mom told me that when I was first born I didn't make a sound. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, they told her that there was nothing physically wrong with me. They did say it may be a psychological problem, but they wouldn't be able to determine it until I was older. I'm 17 now and they still haven't been able to figure it out. All I know is that through my childhood I didn't speak much at all, my parents had to teach me hand motions just so I could tell them stuff, well atleast my mom did. I didn't start talking fully until I was 8. Then however I learned that I had a terrible speech impedement. So I didn't talk much after that. I would talk normally around my mother because she was probably the only one that didn't mention my problem, atleast not infront of me. I can talk fine when I'm alone, It's just when others are around that I can't. When school started my mom offered to homeschool me. I really wanted to be homeschooled, knowing that would solve most of my...social problems. The only issue was that people that are homeschooled can't do sports, and I thought that If I was able to be really good at sports. People might accept me even with my speech impedement. Boy was I wrong, who could have know that one person could suck so bad at so many sports. I broke my leg the first week of soccer, I sprang both of my arms just trying out for the track team, and It took me like 5 minutes to cross the track just once for the cross country team. Yep, sports definitely did not help my reputation at all. Then why am I still in school you may wonder? Well the simple answer is ...Kairi Languard."

Kiyoshi's eyes shifted over to the red haired girl sitting at the front of the class. Her long locks flowed in the...wait...there's no wind inside, what the heck!

The girl raised her hand in the class, causing all of the attention to go to her. Most of the guys in the class sat their chin on their head, gawking at the beauty.

"Excuse me, Mr. Miyasagi?" The girl said in a really energetic, yet serious voice.

Mr Miyasagi, had to pull himself away from his writing as to turn to the girl raising her hand.

"Oh, yes Miss Languard, do you have a question?" The man asked, adjusting his glasses on his face. causing a gleam of light to shine off of them.

"Yes, you wrote on the board that Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 8, 1951. Wasn't it in 1941 that it was bombed." The girl said as she crossed her arms sitting back in her seat.

Mr Miyasagi's eyes widened slightly, he turned to look at his previous writing. "Oh, so It was. Thank you miss Languard.

The girl gave a big smile. "My pleasure."

Ahh, Kairi Languard. The most popular girl in school. Or atleast she seemed to be the most popular. Being the exact opposite of popular...which is what I am. Doesn't let you in on all the insight on who is popular. She's gotta be atleast pretty far up their though. I mean can you believe that skin. So smooth and flawless. a-a-and those eeeeeyyyeeessss. The kind of eye's that you could get lost in and never get out. And that beautiful silky crimson hair. She was almost to perfect to be true...Ofcourse knowing this tells me that there's no chance she would ever go for a guy like me. Kiyoshi's turned to his reflection in the window. His dark black hair came down in a swoop, covering over his right eye. *Sigh* yea I look totally emo. I'm sure that Kairi would never be into guys like me. I mean it's not like I am emo. I just...sorta...act like it. It's because of my lack of talking. I always sit by myself at lunch time, and-

Kiyoshi was cut out of his Pouty world.

"Mr Saitoe!" the teacher said at the top of his lungs.

Kiyoshi swung his head over to face the teacher. Realizing what he did a slight blush came over his cheeks.

"Uhh, y-yes Mr. Miy-yas-sagi" he said in a terrified voice.

The teacher slapped a hand over his face, as he shook his head back and forth.

"Sigh, as I said for the hundreth time. Will you please read question 5 for us." Mr. Miyasagi said with a large glare on his face.

Kiyoshi stood up as quick as he could. "Oh, yes s-sorry" Kiyoshi said not knowing that his quick stand had caused his chair to fall.

A loud thud could be heard throughout the classroom. Kiyoshi cringed a bit as it hit. His eyes stopped at the class who were all looking at him. Most of them were cracking up. He could see that a few number of them were pointing at him and whispering something to the person sitting beside them. Even Kairi had a smile on her face. Kiyoshi's eyes sunk as a deep blush now showed over his face.

"Alright class, settle down so Mr Saitoe can read the question." Mr. Miyasagi said appearing to be attempting to restrain himself from bursting out.

It took a while but the class eventually stopped. "Oh, y-yes." Kiyoshi picked up the slip of paper that was sitting at his desk, he brought it to his face as he began to read

"P-p-p-pearl H-hhh-harb-bor w-w-was loc-cated i-i-in w-w-w-what s-s-s." Kiyoshi was interrupted in his failed attempt of reading the question.

A boy with spiked hair turned around from the front of the class. "Hey stutteroshi, you know that people who haven't learned to talk yet should really be in kindergarted." he said causing the whole class to crack up again.

The boy that said it clapped hands with the other guy who was next to him.

At the opposite side of the class, a few seats away from Kiyoshi, sat a certain green haired girl who wasn't laughing. She looked at Kiyoshi with sympathetic eyes. She could almost see tears in them. A blush came over her face as she brought her hands towards her mouth.

"Alright class, if you don't shut up right now I'm giving all of you detention!" Mr Miyasagi raged while flaunting his pointed finger almost as if to add to his anger.

There was a quick dead silence. All of the kids looked to the teacher with wide eyes. sweat could be seen coming down a few of their faces. Mr. Miyasagi gave a deep sigh as he turned back to Kiyoshi. "Allright Mr Saitoe you may continue." he said placing both of his hands on the desk. All of the kids turned back to look at Kiyoshi. Most of them had an evil grimace on their faces. Kiyoshi's eyes stared down, looking at the floor.

"Mr. Saitoe, will you please finish reading the-"

"I h-hate you" Kiyoshi said under his breath causing Mr. Miyasagi to stop.

"Excuse me what w-"

"I hate a-ALL OF YOU!" Kiyoshi said as he raised his head.

Tears flowed down his face. Kiyoshi looked to see the class fixed on him now, instead with shocked looks. Kiyoshi watched the class staring at him with intense eyes. They each seemed to have a different expression on each. The atmosphere that he had created was just to much for him. Kiyoshi turned and ran out of class. Mr. Miyasagi raised his hand in an attempt to stop him.

"Mr. Saitoe stop! come back here!" he said, unsuccessfull in reaching him.

The girl sitting at the opposite side of the class watched as Kiyoshi ran out of the class. She raised her hand out, at an attempt to reach him, but Kiyoshi was already gone. The girl's eyes shook as she slowly lowered her arms. She was able to let one single word exit her mouth as he left.


Kiyoshi continued running. He was already outside by this time. It didn't seem like he could stop. All he could think about doing now was running. Escaping this world he was in. Why? Why me, what did I ever do to deserve this. He wanted to flee the hardships he had, he wanted to release himself from the anguish he goes through all day. It only tore him up more knowing that nothing he did would ever change that. There was not another world out there. There is no such this as fantasy. Why couldn't he accept it. Why was it so hard to just let go.

Kiyoshi was caught off-guard as his foot got caught in a crack on the sidewalk. He went tumbling down, causing himself to faceplant into the cement. His sudden adrenaline rush that came from his emotions caused him to not feel any pain for a while. He laid their on the pavement with his face embeded in it. It took about 5 seconds before he started rolling around in pain. His hands covered his face.

"Oooowww! It hurts! It hurts so bad! Agghhh!"

Kyoshi screamed at the top of his lungs. He could feel blood coming out of his nose and down his forehead. The liquid felt warm on his skin, but the texture of it only freaked him out more.

"Ahhhh, I'm bleeding. Oh crap I'm gonna die here aren't I. I guess out of all the ways to die, blood loss can't be the worst."

Kiyoshi was knocked out of his panic stage by a little paw that came pouncing on his head. Kiyoshi laid in silence for a while. Eventually he heard a slight meow out of the creature who had trapped Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi lifted his head to see a small white kitten infront of him. Kiyoshi eyed the little creature for a while. The cute little animal just gave Kiyoshi a big warm smile. Kiyoshi was instantly taken back by its cuteness.

"Well hello there. a-are you lost or s-something." Kiyoshi said in the cutest voice he could muster up.

The kitten just cocked it's head slightly with Kiyoshi's words. Kiyoshi couldn't figure out what that was supposed to mean but he assumed it was in the area of "What the heck you saying kid?"

Kiyoshi lifted his beated and bruised body off of the pavement. The blood on his face and in his nose had appeared to stop flowing. He lifted his hands to his face only to feel the crusty remains of what was blood.

Oh crap, I'm going to hafto wash this off. If I don't my mom will think that I got beaten up or something. Then she'll sue the school. Then she will take me out of the school, and then finally I will be transferred to a new school where I will hafto go through the same horrible experience of everyone learning about my speech impediment. Kiyoshi said in a paniced tone.

Kiyoshi scratched at his head in desperate attempt to get the blood off. He could feel the crimson crust getting embeded under his nails.

Kiyoshi was soon reminded of the little creature that was there when it jumped up on his lap. Kiyoshi jolted slightly at this.

"Oh, kitty. Don't do that...you scared me." The cat just gave a quietly cute meow as it started to purr like a motorboat.

The cat put it's paw on Kiyoshi's chest as it lifted it's head towards Kiyoshi's head.

"H-hey, what are you d-doing?" Kiyoshi said as the cat's face neared it's forhead.

Kiyoshi could feel as the kittens tounge ran across his forhead. It tickled slightly but at the same time it was rough.

Kiyoshi gave a slight giggle. He lifted his hands to the tiny feline, wraping his hands around his body. He lifted it up into the air.

"I'm gonna call you...Nuka." Kiyoshi said with a smile on his face. The cat just meowed in response.

Kiyoshi peeked into the doorway as to make sure that the coast was clear. His eyes poped inside the large entry room. They skimmed over the stairs, as he watched to make sure that no one was coming down. He looked over the back kitchen glass door, making sure that no one was outside. There wasn't much other place than that.

Kiyoshi inched his foot inside the door, trying his best to keep quiet. However, everyone knows that the harder you try to be quiet the louder you are.

Kiyoshi's foot landed on the cold wood floor. He cringed as it creaked as loud as a bull horn.

He stood their for a bit, making sure that no one was coming. He breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to attempt at his second step if it wasn't for the kitten that came running in.

Kiyoshi immediately whispered to the kitten as loud as he could. While at the same time trying to grab her.

"Nuka! Nuka get back heeeeeEEEEERRREEE!." Kiyoshi said as he fell to the ground after trying to grab the cat.

Kiyoshi laid their on the floor still for a moment, both from pain and fear.

"Oh crap, that hurt, I r-really hope that noone h-" Kiyoshi said before he was cut off by the door to the right that led to the kitchen swung open.

Kiyoshi looked to see a brown haired woman standing in the doorway. She had on a white apron that appeared to have stands from food that she was making. Her hair laid straight down her back, accept for a few part that had a curl. She looked really serious. Not to mention the fact that she was furiously holding nunchuks in her hand.

"Allright, whoever you are, my name is Hinata Saito, and I have these chunnuk things and I'm not afraid to-" The women stopped in her tracks as she saw the boy lying on the floor.

"Kiyoshi?! It's you." She said as she gradually lowered the nunchuks from the air.

Kiyoshi suddenly felt tounge tied "*gulp* h-h-hi m-mom." The boy said as a flush of red came over his face.

"What are you doing home so early?" Hinata asked in a curious yet serious tone.

Kiyoshi gave another big gulp "w-w-well y-you see I-"

"And where did you get that huge gash on your head!" The woman said, pointing her finger at the mark.

Kiyoshi, as if from reflex, lifted his hand over his wound. He could instantly feel the cool liquid on his hand.

Nuka gave a kind of a mock sounding meow as if trying to say "BUSTED!"

The women turned to look at the snow white feline. She cocked one of her eyebrows up at this. Kiyoshi gave a terrified look. Oh crap! She only lifts her eyebrow when she's really ticked.

"And where in the world did you get that kitten." Hinata said, gesturing at the tiny creature.

Kiyoshi managed to lift himself into a sitting position. His mother placed her hands on her hips.

"we'll, th-this is Nuka." Kiyoshi said as he picked up the kitten that was near him.

"I f-found h-him when I...or, m-more he f-found me wh-when I t-t-tripped on a crack in the s-s-sidew-walk." he said hoping that would ease her mind of thinking that he may have gotten beat up.

The women placed her hand across her heart as if relieved. "Oh good you weren't beaten up." Kiyoshi just gave a big smile after she said that. Yep, I know my mother.

Her mother then averted from her relieved face to her questioning face again "But that doesn't answer the question of why your home from school so early?" His mom said this time folding her arms.

Kiyoshi face turned to a glum look. "U-uuumm, w-well you see..." Kiyoshi said trying to think of something. He decided to cough a few times as to give him more time to think. The woman just lifted her eyebrow higher.

"*cough* ummmmm ohh yea, th-there was a g-gas leak in t-the...umm...b-bathroom, so they l-let us out...uhh...early." Kiyoshi said in what was probably the most obviously lying tone he could talk in.

There was a silence for a while. The woman just locked eyes with the boy. She squinted harder as she moved her face closer to him. Kiyoshi grabbed at the collar of his shirt. He pulled at it as sweat started to roll down his neck.

"This is the e-end for me, goodbye cruel WORLD!." Kiyoshi thought sounding extremely pathetic. Then all of a sudden the woman's face instantly changed.

"Well, I'm glad your ok." Hinata said turning back to the kitchen, with a "not a care in the world" look on her face.

Kiyoshi watched her as she walked off, he had a dumbfounded look on his face. "...uh..."

Kiyoshi sat on his chair, flipping through the channels on the television. So yea, this is my family. You know that woman over there. Kiyoshi looked to Hinata as she set the table for lunch. That's my mother, but you probably already knew that since I said so like a minute ago. Don't let her innocent face fool yah. She'll kick your teeth in if you come to close to her, well that is unless your my Dad...Kiyoshi's eyes turned to a glum look. They averted themselves from the Woman over to the window. I-I hardly knew my Dad. He died 10 years ago. Kiyoshi heard a crashing sound, his head jolted over to the Dining table, as well causing Nuka to give a big jump. He could see the glass shattered across the floor. The women had an agrivated look on her face.

"Ahh, shoot! Thats my good China." The woman said as she bent down to pick it up. Kiyoshi jumped up as soon as he saw this. With the small feline following behind.

"I'll grab the broom and dust pan." Kiyoshi said as he rushed into the kitchen. The woman looked up to see the Kiyoshi running into the kitchen, and the cat tailing behind.

"Ohh, thank you Honey." The woman said as she put her hand to her chest in the very place where her heart was.

She doesn't like to talk about Dad much. Everytime I try to ask she starts crying her eyes out. Kiyoshi came out of the kitchen holding the broom and dust pan in his hand. He knelt down next to his mother, as he helped her pick up the jumped in as well, batting a few of the pieces into the pan. My Dad was killed by a drunk driver. The driver fell asleep at the wheel, and then swerved into the other lane...Right where my Dad was driving. Kiyoshi swept up the last piece of glass off of the floor into the dust pan. He slowly headed over towards the trash as to not spill what he had just picked up. Nuka stays back, eyeing the floor for any more pieces. My mother says I was alot like him. Curious, Easily Distracted, and a bit Clumsy with words. Though not in the same way I am. My mother says my speech started to slow and stutter after he died. I would always avoid everyone. I never had any friends at that age. Kiyoshi poured the broken remnants of what was glass into the trash. He set the dust pan down on the counter as he began to smack the dust off of his hands.

Kiyoshi's eyes looked towards the ground, then back up to his mother who was standing in the kitchen doorway. The woman noticed something wasn't right with him.

"Kiyoshi, are you okay?" Hinata asked with a concerned look. Kiyoshi was knocked out of his pondering phase.

"Huh, oh yeah I'm fine...umm...I think I'm going to go get some fresh air." Kiyoshi said as he walked past the woman, out the door.

"But, what about dinner." The woman said as to try and stop Kiyoshi. The boy turned to look at the now worried mother.

"I'll be back intime for dinner, I promise." Kiyoshi said as he walked out of the door. With Nuka taging along to. The woman stood there waving at the boy.

"Allright, I won't pray until your back. Don't be late." The woman said unsure if what she said would reach his ears, for while as she said it the door was closing.

"Huh" Hinata gave a sigh. "That boy." The woman turned to go back into the kitchen. Until she realized that the TV was still on.

"Ughh, Kiyoshi." The woman said under her breath. She walked over to the screen, picking up the remote that was laying on the ground. The woman listened to the speaker on the television as she picked herself back up. It was on the news channel.

"Late last night, we received a report on a robbery of the public dump. Locals are unsure what happened. Some say they saw a bright light in the sky, and then all at once...it vanished. Almost half of the entire stockpile of trash was gone there after. The strange thing was, it seemed like metal was the only thing that was tacken from this trash. Could it be that a giant magnet was floating from the sky above this place."

Hinata gave another * sigh * this time, putting her hand on her face.

"Or could it have been the work of a genuine...extra...ter-"

The woman shut the TV off before the announcer could finish what he was about to say.

"Idiots, why is there solution always them" The woman said walking off back into the kitchen.

There was silence for a moment. Then a humming sound could be heard. It came in slowly. The remote began to shake. Then it shook harder. Then!-

All done. Man I wanted to include the part about Kamikay but that would have made the chapter to long. I hope whoever reads this likes it. I really want to continue it. Plus, I apologize if the first part that I talked about with Kiyoshi doesn't match up with the second part. I wrote both of them a long time apart.

The second chapter is going to have the part that leads up to Kiyoshi being taken captive by some of the people of Kuron no Toshi, along with a one of his friends as well. Then I am going to add In there the History of Kuron no Toshi, so when you read future chapters you won't be completely confused as to what is going on. Anyway, please RxR.