It is time for another episode of... Marko Tenkou! In our last episode, our hero has been captured by the evil (and hot) Madam Angelina! Will our unlucky hero survive?!

"Surrender, foolish hero! You'll never escape from my barrier!" Angelina evilly laughed.

"You hot bitch! Do you really plan on destroying the world?! For what reason?!" the hero pointed his accusing finger.

"Isn't it obvious? This world is filled with ugly, inferior women. Men are paying too much attention to them instead of me! So, I'll destroy the world and force you lowlife men to bow down to me!"

"You'll never get away with this! Marko Tenkou shall stop you!"

"Oh, you mean that little ice peasant? I don't think she'll live much longer. My underlings are already taking care of her as we speak. While your girlfriend is busy dying... " Angelina slightly opened her shirt, revealing large amount of her cleavage. "Why don't you and I get to know each other?"

"In your sick dreams, Angelina! I rather die in a flaming pit of hell!" the hero pinched his nose shut to prevent blood from rushing out.

"I see... then I shall gladly grant your wish!"

With a snap of her luscious fingers, the floor below our hero vanished. The evil villain laughed mischievously as our hero plunged into the darkness below, a pit of raging fire awaiting him.

Suddenly, our hero arose in a flash light! The light belonging to no other than... Marko Tenkou!

"Marko Tenkou?! How are you still..." Angelina asked, baffled to see her nemesis alive.

"Ha, if you thought those weak minions of yours were enough to defeat me, then you're falling off your game, Angelina!" Marko boasted.

"Die, you peasant!" Angelina shouted as she conjured a large ball of fire in hand and shot at Marko.

But, to Marko this flame was nothing but air! She destroyed the flaming ball with a dynamic kick coated in glimmering ice!

"Oh! Lacy!" the hero smiled perversely, seeing Marko's panties under her thanks to her raised leg.

"Q-Quit staring, you perv!" Marko blushed as she held her skirt down.

With the her foe distracted by our hero's stupidity, Angelina took the opportunity to conjure another ball of fire and launched directly at Marko.

Marko, too late to stop the blast, was hit by the flames at full force, causing her to lose a good amount of her clothing!

"Marko!" the hero shouted in worry, his nose literally raining blood from his nostrils.

"Damn... I was careless..." Marko gritted her teeth in anger, not bothering the hero's perverseness.

"It's over now, ice peasant!" Angelina boasted with a maniacal chuckle, "You are far too weak to face me!"

With confidence beaming in her heart, the ice heroine stood up and retorted, "Not if my Tenkou form has anything to say about it!"

"No, not that!"

Taking a quick breath, Marko surrounded herself in a glacier of ice. Immediately afterwards, a shining blue light bathe over her as her clothing disappeared. Her naked body was then quickly replaced, new garments.

Long dark blue boots, long blue gloves, a short blue dress mixed with gold, two small blue ribbons on each side of her head, and a snow emblem on her chest.

With the dramatic transformation completed, Marko became the one and only... Marko Tenkou!

Marko Tsuna shot up from bed, waking up from her dream. Staring up at her ceiling, she attempted to piece together what the dream was. After a minute, she decided to shrug it off as nothing but a nightmare and returned to sleep.

"What a lame ass dream. I didn't even get a chance to kick the villain's ass." she muttered to herself before drifting back into realm of dreams.

Later would she know, that same very dream was a vision of what's to come...