After half a hour of walking through the forest, Binita, Shani, and Xantara found their way back to the house.

"Ah, you've returned," Zobi said, her tone impassive as ever, "Are you all well?"

"We're fine," Shani answered for them, "I just needed some time to cool down."

"Little Binita here saved us from being lost," Xantara said, patting her head with a smile.

"I didn't really do anything, Miss Xantara," Binita blushed.

From inside, Marko, Titania, and the Tenkou Fairy walked out.

"Ah, it seems everyone has gathered," the Tenkou Fairy said, "I say it's best we discuss where each of you will proceed from this point."

"Well, you all know what I've been saying before," Dei said, "I'm heading off to the mountains to train."

"Are ya?" Leon asked, "How long do ya think that'll take?"

"Hmm, give or take a week. Why you ask?"

"Considering the space, it would make a good training grounds for me as well. Hope you don't mind if I join ya."

Dei smirked. "Not at all. I need a training dummy."

"A-Are you leaving, Leon?" Binita asked, looking at him with a sad expression.

The brown haired hero bent down to her level and smiled. "Don't ya worry now. I won't be gone long, so behave, okay?"

He then looked at Zobi. "Zobi, I know this is sudden, but-"

"Let me guess, you want me to watch her?" the dark skinned heroine finished his sentence.

"Thanks. And Hero, ya coming with us."

A single tear streamed down Hero's face.


"A week," he said, "That's all that is to you, but for me it's much more than that. It's 168 hours, 10080 minutes, 604800 seconds without a single sight of a woman, Marko's glorious panties, or a magazine! It's beyond torture!"

"What did you say?" Marko clocked him upside his head.

That's all the same amount time, Titania thought to herself.

"Let us depart then," Dei announced, looking at the mountains far off in the distance, "That's farther than I originally thought..."

"How long did ya think it was going to take?" Leon asked.

"About... a two day's pace."

"What kind of numeric system are you using?" Hero asked, rubbing his head in pain.

"Hey, let's make this into a race," Leon suggested, "If you lose, Hero, you'll have to run around the mountain twenty times."

Before Hero could utter a word, the brown haired man dashed off in a blur. Without much of a choice, the perverted hero rushed after him with the large hero following close behind.

"Wow," Binita looked on amazed, "They're like superheroes."

"Tenkou Fairy, I've been meaning to ask," Marko said.

"Yes?" the blue hedgehog asked.

"You picked every hero individually, correct? That means you know everything about them, so I've been wondering for what purpose did you pick them outside of the strongest of warriors from history."

"I have picked every hero for a specific reason. Each excel in areas others do not, and their past allows them to form abilities that can enhance their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

"For instance, allow me to use Sakamoto Ryoma as an example. He excels in swordsmanship, thus having an ability that allows him to call forth various weapons can break the limit of being disarmed in battle."

"I honestly prefer if you didn't," Titania said, glaring at her.

The Tenkou Fairy ignored her. "In any case, their determination gives them strength. Not a single hero I revived was chosen upon chance nor bribed."

"So why did you choose Hero?" Marko asked, "Unless you're telling me he's some sort of master swordsman like Umetaro."

"Not at all, he has no history of being involved in warfare or the like."

"Huh? Then why-"

"As I said, I brought him back for a reason. He is one of the perfect heroes that I have selected."

"I believe she is telling the truth," Zobi added, "Our reasonings are not important at this time. From this moment on, you all will attend school as normally, but after school, you shall meet me at Shani's home for training."

"Since when was this decided?" Shani asked, pouting, "My father would not be pleased to find event more damages, you know."

"Whew," Xantara sighed, smiling, "Good thing I don't have school."

"You're not getting off easy. I'll make sure to put you into a special regimen during your free time."

"Z-Zobi! That's so unfair!" the Earth Tenkou cried.

"Oh, that's mean I'll have special training Reggie Man too?" Binita asked.

"That will not be necessary," the Tenkou Fairy said, "However, you will be needed in the final confrontation."

"The battlefield is no place for a child," Zobi said.

"I concur, but her Tenkou is the key to winning this war. When the time comes, she must be there to fight. Do not worry, she'll only have to be participant once," Under her breath, she muttered, "For the one time."

"I'll do my best, Miss Hedgehog!" the Venus Tenkou beamed, her multicolored eyes shining with determination.

"I am, um, not a hedgehog, young one."

"So everything is set then?" Marko asked, "Although there's still the condition on where Binita will live during the time."

"We can take care of her!" Xantara said, hugging the small girl, "I'll be the best big sister I can be!"

"While Leon did entrusted her in my care, our home isn't situated for another," Zobi frowned, "Not to mention the paparazzi would make a field day out it once they find out where you live."

"I-I don't think my dad would be fond of taking care of someone he didn't know," Titania said.

"Neither would my parents," Marko added.

After a few moments of silence, Shani felt something. Why do I have a feeling this is going to fall upon me?

"Oh, I have a great idea!" Xantara shouted, "Let's all stay at Shani's mansion for the week!"

"That's completely out of the question!" the Dark Tenkou refuted.

"That's not a bad idea," Zobi said, "Plus, it'll make easy access to and from training."

"Yes, this is an excellent solution," the blue hedgehog nodded.

"A... A sleepover at a mansion?" Binita's jaw nearly dropped in wonderment.

"Hey, wasn't there a giant bath over there?" Titania asked.

"Yeah, it's like visiting a hot springs!" Marko smiled.

"Y-You all are ignoring me..." Shani sighed in defeat, knowing she would have a long week ahead for her.

Elsewhere, Hero could sense a change in the force as he ran with the other heroes.

"W-Why do I feel like I'm going to miss something very important?" he asked himself, feeling slightly fatigued.

"Ya lagging behind, boy!" Leon shouted, barely breaking a sweat from the fifteen mile run.