By toto23

one day in school my friend came up to me and said " you need to play minecraft " I could not believe it she wanted me to play it and I laughed so hard it was even funny for her but when I was done she punched me right in the face.

So yes after that day was over the bell rang and she came chasing after me. Well I was in luck my bus was right in the bus circle so yeah for me she thought that wasn't my bus so she stood right in front of it after the buses were about to leave she hoped on it I told my friend Emerson to hide me so she stood up and pointed to me.

After she pointed to me I jumped out the window and I ran all the way home but I think I made a slight mistake I forgot she lives right next to me so I ran in and locked all the doors I could not believe it I made it home but I heard a loud knock on the door I thought is it the bus driver or my friend so I had to face my fear I opened the door and it was my friend she said I forgot my water bottle so after she handed me that we went down in my basement and played MINECRAFT.