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We hope that Kaye and her misadventures make you smile ;)


Scarlett, Lena and Rose

Chapter 1

"Love at first sight"

Not many people believe in that phrase. But I do, very much. It's happened to me like, almost all the time really.

Whenever I see someone I like, I will do whatever I have to do to get him. I'm a go-getter and I believe that what the heart wants, the heart gets. Who cares if I'm a girl? Today's modern society doesn't have time to wait for guys to make the first move. So girls, don't be afraid to do it.

But what if that guy doesn't like you back? And worst still, his TWIN brother is the one who likes you? Sounds like a real I'm in-deep-shit situation doesn't it?

My name is Kaye Poreille and this is my story on how to overcome twin love...

It was a really typical day in the same, old and boring Eagles Academy where the vice principal would always finish the morning assemblies with her usual speech of "soaring like eagles"

My classmates would always talk about boring stuff of what they did during the weekends and they are always BO-to-the-RING. Which is why, I'm here telling stories about my misadventures to spice things up.

Either it's that I came up to a hot guy and got his number but that doesn't really happen because guys nowadays are 'gentlemen' and don't just give their numbers to 'any girl'. [can you believe that?] It can also be that I've spent my Saturday night partying and waking up with a migraine.

Either way, I'll always end up being the talk of the town. The spotlight has always been where I belong anyway so who cares? I obviously don't. I literally feed on these socially-awkward morons that don't know how to have fun.

"And that's how I got his attention", I finished off my sentence, letting the wide-eyed idiots ponder in their amazement. I smirked, knowing that my little story-telling session has entertained them. This is my best story yet. I bet no girl had ever posted a bikini photo of herself to show a foreign guy her hot and skinny belly ring.

"Class, everyone take your seats!" Ms Pipington announced, with her shrill, high-pitched wail of a voice. I felt my limelight dim, I groaned at the thought another day in hell and the torture of Ms Pipington's Calculus class.

Can something interesting please happen? Preferably a new hot guy in the class? That would get my spirits up and give me another eyecandy...

Suddenly, I felt that Heaven had answered my desperate calls. Not one, but two guys that I had never seen before stepped in the class.

.God. Twins! Freaking twins! I only asked for one hot guy but it looks like they took pity on my beautiful soul and sent me two identically hot guys instead! My heart raced as I stare at the similarity of their faces.

"Class, this is Christian and Jayden Chord. They are new transfer students from Australia." Ms Pipington explained.

She continued going on and on about how they spent 6 months settling down here in the states and then finally decided to stay here for life because of some stupid relocation thingy their parents had i don't know. I examined the twins like a tiger waiting on her prey. Dang, they are fine. Although they are identical, there are still major differences in their looks.

The thinner boy, Christian, had messy, uncombed hair and a slightly elongated face. He smiled at the class like a total doofus and he looks like he is the kind of guy who loves to fool around. He then waved at the class like the enthusiastic new kid in a kindergarten as he introduced himself with the same amount of enthusiasm.

He has his green billabong bag slung over his shoulder, with the contents inside his bag spilling out because it was unzipped. Sloppy, much? What a turn-off. If he wasn't good-looking I'd have just ignored his existence like the other unworthy guys in my class.

"I'm Christian," said the sloppy looking brother with a monotone-ish voice and a goofy smile. Our eyes met for a second but I turned away to look at his brother, even though I could still feel his eyes on me. Oh my God, ew? That sloppy douchebag has his eyes on me! Ugh, why must I be so darn irresistible?

"Jayden," the other twin said with that husky voice, looking at the class and gave a short wave to the class. Then he crosses his arms protectively making his aura look intimidating. I could tell he was mysterious and dark. That's just how I like 'em.

They looked cute, I mean c'mon they're Australians. That makes them so much hotter and the accent gives them another plus point. I sat up straight with my legs crossed, and tried to make my posture as lady-like and attractive as I can. First impressions should always be the best impressions.

I turned to my best friend, Chelsea Fonteyn, and gave her that look. She gives me the same look and that's how I know she gets me. Being my BFF, she MUST help me get Jayden. It's her job as a best friend.

"Class, I hope that all of us will be able to get to know each other better, since it's a new semester. Christian and Jayden, you boys may choose your seats" Ms Pipington encouraged.

I closed my eyes and did a mini prayer hoping that Jayden would pick the seat next to me, since it was empty. "Hi" a guy whispered. I gently opened my eyes, fluttering my long and sexy lashes and tilted my head to where the direction of the voice came from. All it took was the hair and goofy smile to differentiate which twin it was, and I groaned. Maybe a little to loud.

"Is there a problem Kaye?" Pipes [in my head, she is called 'Pipes' because her voice sounds like bagpipes] asked.

"Not at all, Ms P. I'm just so worried that the new guy here won't be able to catch up. Ain't that right, hun?" I mocked-flirt him while giving a forced smile. I turned to look at Christian, still oblivious to the fact that I groaned because I didn't want him here.

"Oh it's okay. Calculus was my best subject back down under," he replied giving me a wink. Ew, just ew. I gave him a little smile and then rolled my eyes. This dude doesn't get it does he? Why oh why must I be surrounded by idiots?!

I scanned the class and found Jayden sitting at the other end, with Peter Trey and Evan Dax. The class clowns, seriously? It hasn't even been ten minutes and they were already laughing like best buds. This just sucks. The hot twin is like, a million seats away and I'm stuck with the doofus brother. Oh, isn't life just wonderful, I thought.

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