SOS SAGA Omake Fiction

Apple Cheeks

Sitting with her hands underneath her backside, Jennie watched with interested eyes to a small group of men who were playing a game of friendly baseball in the large field outside of the school she attended. Her attention was on a certain young man though who was at the bat. A smile formed on her lips while a delicate red hue stained her cheeks.

"Seems you're stalking a certain someone, huh?" The sound of a deep voice from behind her caught her off guard.

"No!" Jennie's voice cracked as she pulled free her hands to attempt to push herself to her feet. Stumbling about, she staggered to face the grinning teenager who wore a similar school uniform as hers only the male version.

"So," the boy said, leaning forward, "which one are you rooting for? The red head or the one-eyed fellow?"

"Why aren't you down there, Mirage?" Jennie asked.

"Ignoring me?" he asked.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Jennie frowned. "Rem."

Mirage nodded his head at her response, looking past her to his best friend who just cracked the bat against a heated throw of the ball. His eyes watched the fiery object fly through the air.

"Might want to move," he said, motioning his hand for her to step aside.

"Huh?" Before she could truly react, a hand grabbed at her shoulder while a sturdy body pressed against hers. Looking upward, she found herself gazing up into the calm face of the illusion esper who appeared distracted.

With his free arm, he thrust it out into the air in time to stop the baseball. It simply hovered inches from the palm of his hand. A loud scream of 'shit' escaped from field below.

Jennie glanced up to see Mirage glancing down at her. He shook his head then dropped his arm, allowing the ball to fall as well. It rolled back down the hill.

"You have to be careful," he whispered, abruptly flicking her in the nose.

"Thank you," she said in a small voice. The redness of her face increased which made her feel as if she were ready to explode. Embarrassment overwhelmed her. She was ready to rush off when Mirage grabbed her hand.

"Hang on," he stated, "your hero is coming."

Over her shoulder, she noticed Rem rushing toward them. Looking to Mirage then back to Rem, she felt her heart shudder. She pushed away from the lime haired demon and briskly rushed off. After all these months, running was getting easy for her.

Behind her she could hear the shouts of both boys, but didn't acknowledge either. Instead she kept going, heading for the school in hopes of disappearing from their sight. Once she made it inside the gym, she closed the door behind her and sighed.

Jennie knew it wouldn't be long before they would show up. Hiding would be pointless. Rem was still mentally attached to her.

Coldness flowed over her as she felt the sudden urge to dive into the weapon closet. Being surrounded by various swords and other dangerous items, she knelt close to the ground. The icy feeling was still clinging to her.

With time passing and nothing happening, Jennie got the idea they were gone. So they decided not to follow after all?

Opening the door, she was met with a jeering face. A shriek of alarm escaped her as she fell backward, hitting a group of different staffs that had been stacked against the shelving.

When the weapons came down across her head, a laugh escaped the young man who was standing outside the closet. "Serves you right."

Pulling herself from the wreckage, Jennie tried to smooth out her uniform's skirt. Then she glanced upward at the dark green haired demon while crossing her arms over her chest.

"Want to explain to me why you ran?" Rem asked, flicking her over the nose.

She flinched. "Mirage saved me. It's mortifying."

Rem gave her a dull glare. "He's your guardian. He's supposed to protect you."

"Yes," she remarked with a nod, "but it's Mirage."

Letting out a sigh, Rem dropped a hand on top of her head. "It's a Catch-22. Mirage is an idiot, but he's a Scion. So don't let that get to you. Besides…"

Her protector turned his back to her. "I can't always be there for you."

"I know," she stated flatly. Her face was burning. "But I rather just have you."

Rem's attention veered back at her. A beaming smile was planted on his face. Reaching out, he pinched her cheeks. "You're too cute at times," he responded. "Especially when you're all red. Even the tips of your ears."

"Shut up!" Jennie screamed, trying to hide her blushing. She tried to cover her ears then moved her hands slow to her cheeks.

The Scion reached out his hands, taking a hold of her wrists, then pulled her arms down. "It's okay," he whispered. "Just don't let that jackass see this side of you. It's only for me."

With the last of words said, he leaned down and pressed his mouth against her warm forehead. Naturally it only caused her to flush more.

"Such a bright face," Rem laughed.