This is a spur of the moment story I only have one section and no plan for the rest.

The violinist

A man sat on the corner of a dirty little street. His name is Helriet Manning. His clothes are in tatters and an old guitar case rested next to him. He had a small paper cup in front of him and he kept checking it, as if hoping money would suddenly appear in it. Another man, in black cloak, top hat, and a long silver cane with a sapphire embedded in the handle. Helriet opened his guitar case, ready to perform. As the wealthy man walked by, his hand shot out of the case and something silver embedded itself in the man's chest. A throwing knife. The wealthy man fell to the ground, blood leaking from his chest. Helriet picked him up, slinging the larger man over his shoulders, not caring that the blood leaking from his chest was getting all over his shoulders and dripping down his neck.

He picked up the guitar case in his other hand and set off down the street, walking into a dirty little run-down building, an old police station. He dumped the man on an empty table and set off to work hotwiring the phone, which surprisingly, still worked. He pulled out a cigarette and started smoking, waiting for someone to answer the private bounty hunter's hotline. He tapped his foot. "Stupid Finny. It always takes him so long to answer. WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING?!" he yelled into the phone. When someone picked up, he said, "You finally answered. It's Helriet. Ya I got Bloody Broden. Where's my money?"

Okay. I know where I'm going with this now The title you see is the one I think I'm going to keep. If you need any help deciphering it, or you have any suggestions to making it more simplified, I would DEFINITLY welcome the help and dedicate a chapter and maybe a character to you as well. Easy dedications here, people! Okay. There are more people coming this is simply an introduction to one wouldn't let me name it this but this is the actual title: 報 щ N ед O р 奨 о N ст E ь 金