So I've been thinking of having these pairing specials that are basically like a fan fiction all in themselves (but it's like a small one-shot). Anyways, I've wanted to bring relationships and pairing into the story, but I want to also keep the story away from romance. Anyways, this is my way of putting pairings out there with out it interrupting the story. If you guys want it badly enough, I could also do little branch off stories. Basically it would be like what two characters' relationships would be like after certain events that happened. For instance, Red and Finny could hook up after what had just happened because now Red really trusts him. Anyways, if you guys want that enough, I could make special volumes or something.

Anyways, I've been receiving comments asking for relationship type stuff to happen. Trust me, I thought about that way before you guys asked. I had this planned out. I even contemplated making this a yaoi before the idea of Finny even existed, or before I wrote the first chapter (by the way, Finny's character didn't develop until his chapter. Just because I can spat out a random name that I happen to like in the beginning chapter doesn't mean that the character has a future. Well, apparently he does. )

Welcome to first special!

A teenager walked out of his university classroom, his blonde hair swaying with his movement.

The left side of his hair was dyed different colors, but it flew all out of place when he walked. However, when he stood still, the eye could tell that it was a rainbow. This was brought about in art class when he and his friend, Emily, spontaneously dyed his hair with their paint. He went home to go wash it out, but it, instead, stayed. The next day, he checked the bottle and found out that it was non-washable.

Despite it being permanent, it had faded slightly. Deciding it actually looked attractive, him and Emily got together again and coloured his hair with real dye.

He pushed his glasses up with a finger and pulled his big headphones over his ears. This teen's name is Finny.

Footsteps approached from behind him, unheard throuhg the music coming from the headphones. An arm slung itself over Finny's shoulders. Startled, Finny quickly grabbed the arm and pulled as hard as he could, flipping the owner over his shoulder.

"Ow! God damnit, Finny, look who it is before you just attack!" A red-haired teen pulled his arm out of Finny's grip, rubbing his shoulder.

Finny laughed and pushed his headphones down around his neck. "Sorry, I didn't realize it was you." He offered a hand and pulled the red-head up.

"That's my point exactly." the red head scolded. "You need to be more aware of your surroundings."

Finny punched the other boy lightly on the shoulder. "Come on, Takahashi. I don't need to be lectured."

Takahashi let up. "Okay, but you owe me some sushi or something."

Finny smiled at his best friend's antics. " Okay. Let's go tonight. I've been meaning to talk to you for a while anyways."

"Oh really? What about?"

"You'll have to wait until tonight." Finny smirked.

"Ugh. I'm so curious. How about we go get pick-up and talk about it now? We have an hour until our next periods."

Finny shrugged. "Sure. I'm starving, anyways."

They stopped by one of their favorite sushi places, very cheap and very good. They then walked back to their flat. They were renting one together. It was dumpy, but homey enough. After they were all set up and comfortable, Takahashi didn't take a moment longer to ask Finny about what he wanted to say.

"Huh? Oh, I just wanted to... uh..." he looked around the apartment, looking for an excuse. He had spent so much time building up to this moment, that he knew he was ready. However, when faced with the daunting task of actually saying it, it was a lot more difficult than the had thought. He wasn't quite ready yet. "I wanted to talk to you about renovating the apartment."

Takahashi's face was a mixture of disbelief and disappointment. He paused with a piece of sushi half way to his mouth. "That's all that you wanted to talk to me about? That was anti-climactic."

Finny swallowed the saliva that had built up in his throat. "Y- Yeah." After a moment of awkward silence, Finny decided he needed to make this more believable. He motioned to the gigantic window that took up nearly an entire wall. "Like, we could put black curtain on it, maybe frame it with rainbow lights or something." He looked back to Takahashi.


"Yeah. Why not? Give it some color."

Takahashi turned back to his meal, sighing. "Whatever."

The two ate in silence for a few minutes before Finny spat it out. "What I mean is... I mean that I'm... gay." He admitted.

Takahashi choked on a piece of tuna before looking over at Finny for confirmation, who simply nodded.

"How do curtains have anything to do with being gay?!" Takahashi yelled.

"I... I don't know." replied a shocked Finny. "It was there."

"Why the rainbow?!"

"I wanted to drop a hint, I guess."

"A hint? Your hair was enough of a hint. If we're talking about redecorating, how about red walls and black curtains. Choose something fashionable, at least!" He huffed and turned back to his food, quickly jammed three pieces into his mouth in quick succession.

There was another silent pause, and Finny waited for Takahashi to calm down before saying "So you're okay with it?"

Takahashi paused, staring at his plate. He dropped his chopsticks, turned to Finny, gently grabbed his chin and pecked his lips. He let go, and turned back to his plate, picking up his chopsticks again. He tried to cover his blush with a hand.

The shocked expression on Finny's face gradually turned into a wide grin. "I knew it."

"Knew what?" replied a shy Takahashi.

"I knew hat you liked me. I saw it from the beginning."

"I never said I liked you. Who would like an irritable blonde like you? That was simply my way of telling you that I'm gay as well."

"If you don't like me, why are you blushing?"

Takahashi made even more of an attempt to hide his darkening blush. "That was the first time I've ever... kissed... anyone, okay?"

Finny smiled. "How was it?" Takahashi's blush deepened, but he didn't reply. "I see."

Finny slung his arm over Takahashi's shoulders, and made the red-head look at him. Takahashi didn't move, paralyzed with embarrassment. He sucked in his breath as Finny pressed their lips together again, moving them slowly and passionately. Takahashi eventually got over his initial shock and closed his eyes, relaxing into the kiss and grabbing on to Finny as well, pulling him closer.

With out any warning, Finny pulled away, standing up. He picked up their empty plates and carried them into the kitchen.

"What're you doing?" Takahashi asked.

Finny smiled. "Cleaning up. We have class soon." After pacing the dishes in the sink, he grabbed his bag. "Ready to go?"

Takahashi looked at him in confusion for a moment, before scrambling to stand up and grab his bag. Finny was already halfway out the door before Takahashi caught up to him. Laughing, Finny wrapped his arm around his best friend's waist, and kissed him on the cheek.

* * *

"Hey! Help me with this over here!" Takahashi yelled over to Finny, who was unwrapping strands of lights. Finny walked over to the ladder holding up his boy friend and steadied it. "Hand me the hammer, will you?"

"Sure." Finny handed it up to him and Takahashi nailed it another strand of lights. He stepped down the ladder and they walked over to the couch, sitting down after clearing a spot free from the lights.

"I think it looks good."

"I agree." Finny stated. "Well, we have to take all of these back to the store." He nudged the lights with his foot.

Takahashi leaned into Finny's shoulder, wrapping his arms around the blonde tiredly. They looked up, admiring their hard work, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple light shining in their faces.

Basically this is a new thing and I'll be starting it with different pairings. This is what I meant by "It's completely different and has nothing to do with the story line." So tell me if you enjoyed this, and what pairings you want to see next.