The year is 804.

Eine is a war-torn continent, violence has always been a part of it's long history. It's five countries keeping close borders of each other. Distrust feeds the continent's poverty.

Dredth, the all powerful monarchy. Lead by the most noble King Vigarde. They have been noted to be the most violent within all of Eine's history. They control a majority of Eine's ports and are said to have a powerful naval force.

Isaryne, the once noble theocracy, they believe in peace throughout the nations, but since they border so close to Dredth, they are usually pulled into Dredth's conflicts. Ruled by their spiritual leader, Roch.

Deltora, the mage-nation whom lies directly in the center of Eine. Ruled by the Grand Exalt, Lundfey. The Delteans are the main target of the Dredth command, the two countries are almost always at war.

Magnan, An isolationist country who wishes to not take part in any of the other countries affairs. They seclude themselves within the giant wall they've built around their country. Named the "Great Shield" of Eine. Ruled by their Lord Raust.

Theotope, the nation of the Chimæra. The Chimæra are a human-beast half breed. Their origin is unknown, yet they wield tremendous strength. This strength puts them at odds with the other humans, so they were exiled and excluded from normal human society. They now live in the heavy forests of Theotope. They are lead by the great Lion Chimæra, Cæghis.

The wars against the Chimæra began about three hundred years, when the first king of Dredth had taken several citizens in for testing for research. Nobody knows what had happened to those individuals, but it is strongly believed that the end result were the Chimæra. The country of Isaryne disagrees, and says the Chimæra are work of the great Goddess Tiamat created the Chimæra and the Humans alike.

The differences between the humans, whom the Chimæra now call Phæra, have grown so strained, prejudice is everywhere throughout the continent. Phæra is "Human" in Chimæra tongue, and it is commonly used as an insult, likewise for Chimæra.

Our story picks up after countless eras of war, in Deltora. A young man named Aaron, around the age of seventeen works in the blacksmith with his father. The events to happen will change his life forever.