Aaron finally finds the blacksmith's, and walks in, unsure if he's going to be fired or not. It's quiet inside, a little too quiet for comfort. Just then there is a sudden sound, a scream? It seems to be coming from the back room.

Aaron decides to see what is going on. He pushes himself throughout the cluttered room to a back door, he opens it a crack, and peeks his eye in. It's just old Mr. Hobbes. He catches Aaron's eye and tries to mouth something. Aaron wasn't really one for reading lips, so he opens the door all the way. He sees Mr. Hobbes' eyes widen.

What Aaron doesn't see is the man hiding behind the door. In a matter of seconds, Aaron has a small dagger held up to his throat, and the man is behind him, grabbing him from behind.

"So, you going to tell me now, Hobbes? Or do I have to gut the brat?" He says menacingly.

"W-What the hell is going on?!" Aaron whimpers.

The man smiles, And he puts his head over Aaron's shoulder. He cannot see his face, for it is shrouded by the thick hood he is wearing.

"I'm not going to say it again, Hobbes. Tell me where it is...now."


Mr. Hobbes is interrupted as something large bursts through the window, it's Sævan. He's shifted, and his claws come to strike the man behind Aaron. Mr. Hobbes almost faints, and Aaron uses this moment of confusion to break free from his captor. Sævan tears the man to shreds, it's horrible to watch, but it's the same thing that man would have done to Aaron.

The deed is done.

When Sævan finishes, he shifts back into his old self, giving me a nervous smile.

"Thanks, how did you know...?" Aaron asks.

"I don't think this is the pressing matter now..." He looks towards Mr. Hobbes, who looks scared out of his skin.

"Y-You accept this half-breed being in your presence?! You...you are fired! Get this scum out of my house!" Mr. Hobbes yells angrily.

"M-Mr. Hobbes! He just-" Aaron tries to say.

"Aaron, he's not going to listen to reason, let's just leave."

Sævan walks towards the door, but Mr. Hobbes blocks his path.

"You aren't leaving, I'm having high council here any moment. They'll deal with you."

He looks straight at Aaron.

"And here I thought you were of high prestige."

"Listen, Phæra. I will not hesitate to leave you like that one on the floor if you do not move." He snarls.

Just then, horns are blaring outside. The sounds of the high council.

Mr. Hobbes quickly runs outside, screaming his head off towards the officials.

"Shit, Sævan. The high counsels are here, you know what this means, right?"

He stares blankly.

"It means they'll jail us both, or worse!" Aaron explains.

He is still staring, blankly.

"What are you looking at that's so important?!" Aaron asks.

Sævan points a finger outwards towards the windows. Soldiers are marching towards the village. Finally Aaron notices. The soldiers are not wearing Deltean Armour, they're Dredth soldiers.

This is bad, really bad. Where are the Deltean soldiers? Aaron doesn't know what to do, but Sævan doesn't waste any time.

"C'mon, Aaron, we have to leave."

"O-Okay." Aaron weakly says.

They both race through the blacksmiths, and outside they see a group of people circled. What could be happening?

"You stay back, I'll scope it out," Aaron says.

Sævan agrees, and goes into hiding. Aaron walks over to the group, blending in as much as he can, he sees the terror in front of him.

It's three soldiers, with two villagers on their knees.

Aaron's heart drops as he instantly recognizes the two villagers as Chazz and his father.

"Today, we show you two rebels who have acted against the monarchy..." One soldier begins, showing the captives.

"These two have been seen in the woods, meddling with...Chimæra."

The crowd gasps.

"No! No, I swear we weren't doing nothing like that!" Chazz's father pleads.

The soldier looks downward at him, and spits in his face.

"We heard witness report of a young individual who was with a Chimæra in the woods. Now, will you please tell these people where we found you?"

"The...forest, but that was-"

The soldier looks up.

"You see? He is the one!" He yells to the crowd.

"Justice!" One person in the crowd yells.

Soon enough, the crowd is spouting for justice against their former friend's life. Aaron is absolutely disgusted, how could these people send them to their death so nonchalentley?!

"You ask for justice?" The soldier begins.

The crowd cheers.

The soldier beside him hands him an axe.

"First, the child! So all may never make this mistake again!"

Aaron can't watch, he steps back, and gathers his breath. It only lasts a second. He knows what's has happened, he hears his screams. Such a young life, thrown away. Aaron will never forget those screams. It only is another minute until the process is repeated for his father. Aaron needs to get away, he doesn't want to be part of this society if it means betraying everyone you know just so you can save your skin. He also knows Mr. Hobbes is going to pipe in at any moment, so he needs to get distance, fast.

He runs off in the direction where Sævan was hiding, and quietly calls out for him.

He's up in a tree. He jumps down to join Aaron.

"So, what's the scoop, runt?" He asks.

"We have to leave, now."

"Woah, what's the rush?"

"Now. We have to go. They're going to be after us."

"What happened back there?"

Aaron doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't even want to think about it.

"Alright, I have some food gathered to last us a bit."

Aaron looks over Sævan's shoulder, to see about two knapsacks filled to the brim with food.

"Let me guess, the bakery was unlocked?" Aaron sarcastically asks.

"Yep. You people are so unsecure." He laughs.

Aaron sighs, and begins to walk.

"Where are we going to go?"

"I dunno, I thought you had a plan."

"Maybe up north?" Aaron suggests.

"Isaryne? Oh yeah, they're 'all loving' or some shit, right?"

"Yeah, they accept...Phæra and Chæmera. We could hide out there."

"You know we'll have to cross through Magnan, right?" Sævan points out.

"Maybe we can hide out there for a bit before heading to Isaryne?"

"Dude, they've secluded themselves to all of our bullshit, you think they'd let in two stragglers who came because of the thing they're trying to get away from?"

Aaron puts on a pack.

"You never know until you try, am I right?"

Sævan sighs, and picks up the other pack.

"I guess, let's get moving."

"Wait, let's stop by my house quick, I need to pick up something."

"We'd have to do it fast, they're probably going to scope it out soon."

They both run back to Aaron's house, being careful to avoid any contact with any of the other villagers. When they finally arrive to the forested clearing that shields his house, Sævan stops, and he sniffs the air.

"There's someone inside, probably a guard. I'll be right back." He says.

He shifts.

"Wait, don't hurt them if they're a normal villager." Aaron chides.

"I'll try."

He then leaps out of the bushes and inside the house, a scream lasts about three seconds and then it goes silent. Aaron takes this as a signal to enter, and he runs up to the building. He enters the house, and notices Sævan on the floor, and a soldier hunched over, most likely from a scratch or a bite. Aaron takes the nearby chair and smashes it over the soldiers head, he falls to the ground.

"Sævan, you alright?"

He helps him up, no visible bruises other than the burn marks on his leg.

"Nah, I'm fine. He just got me with a good thump before I bit him. Hurry and get what you came here for and let's bail."

Aaron nods, and runs to his parent's bedroom, and opens up their dresser. inside is a wrapped gift, thick and square. Sævan enters behind him, and sees it.

"We came here for a stupid present?!" He yells.

"It's not just any present. It's my inheritance."

"Well, that's great, let's go." He shoves out the door.

Sævan doesn't notice it, but this is more important than he knows. This has all Aaron needs to use the magic meant for him. The ceremony is just a formality, anyway. You just need magic in your blood, and access to the ancient language.

Aaron carries the gift with him outside, with Sævan.

They both head off north, towards Magnan, and eventually Isaryne. Will their journey be a safe one? Will they even make it there alive? Aaron doesn't know, but he hopes to not end up like Chazz or his father. Rather, he hopes to one day avenge them both, for the cruelty that was their deaths should never be experienced by anyone. Aaron develops a plan in his mind.