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Timmy cleared his throat and placed his sea blue eyes on mine.

"We heard about the news on the early morning news report, the morning after the party, and mom was gonna send us all to live with Uncle Rob in California. Mom had a feeling you were okay though and wanted to wait for you to come home when," He made an audible gulp and continued, "that miscreation attacked us and we tried to fight back but first they killed dad then mom and then I almost died when I jumped out the window and the next thing I know, I'm here" he finished painfully.

"S-so, mom and dad are..." my eyes widened and all of a sudden I felt trapped. My chest felt tight and my vision felt blurry. I felt weak, abandoned, bewildered and a bunch of other feelings I couldn't express. I still remember our last conversation, just before Emily came over.

'My mom held me in her arms. She smiled at the mirror as we both admired my dress.

"Thanks for letting me go mom," I whispered and she kissed my forehead.

"I was a teenager once too you know, I just want my little princess to be happy," she responded and the doorbell rang.

"That's probably Emily, later mom," I waved at her as I left the room.

"Love you Hun," she chimed

"Love you too," I replied and I finished combing my hair. '

When the memory was over I found myself on my knees, shaking. Everyone was looking at me, asking me if I was okay, calling my name. I may have over reacted but I just told everyone to shut up and I crawled out the hole. I didn't go very far but I sat down on a flat rock. It was the same rock where me and Brandon had kissed. I tried to cloud the thoughts of my parents with other things. I was very hungry and tired. Brandon came and sat beside me.

"Are you gonna be-" he started.

"I'm hungry, let's go raid the Mini Mart," I cut him off. He stood up,

"Alright you can stay here with Timmy and me and Jess will get some food," he explained and stretched his hands up.

"No, Jess can stay with Tim, let's go get some food," I stated and began walking. Brandon walked beside me and we went in to the super market. Of course there was no one in there. Every aisle was still packed with food and its all for us. For free. First we hit the snacks section, putting everything into 3 big black bags. Then we got some candy and then the bakery, muffins, cookies and warm white bread just waiting to be taken. We dumped loads and loads of food in the bags and called it a night. Then we came across an electronics aisle. We picked up a radio some batteries and I took a brand new battery powered Mac laptop pro and 10 sets off batteries for it. Brandon looked at me and smiled.

"So your finally becoming a criminal," he high-fived me and we left the building quietly. It took twice as long to get back to our hide out as we had 3 full bags to carry with us. Luckily there were no encounters with monsters. We slid down the hole.

"Where have you guys been?" Jess asked sounding a bit annoyed.

"We got food and stuff," Brandon replied triumphantly and we all had pieces of bread and donut rolls with ice cream for dessert. After we ate I laid down beside Timmy,

"It sucks doesn't it," he whispered

"Yeah," I replied just as quietly as I was too fatigued to stay awake.

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