Writer's Block

Cursor blinks

Fingers tap

Huffy sighs

Fingers brush through hair

Turn on a song

Close your eyes

Try to pull something


To use as a catalyst

The gentle piano

Does the opposite of intention

Fingers snap forward

Silence the wretched distraction

More huffy sighs

More tapping fingers

And that sad damn piano

Has lodged itself in your thoughts

Fingers tap the keys

Spitting out a few random words

Immediately forcibly erased

You give up

Collapse against the window

A child runs after his friend

Clasps her around the waist

Giggling, they fall to the ground

They must be best friends

Soon to be enemies with age

And a couple come high school

Get married after college

Smiling at the budding romance

(Because, really, it's so obvious)

You pull the laptop closer

Wake up the screen

Fingers type