Post Break-up

Day 01: I'm okay, but is he?

Day 02: At least we're still talking

Day 03: Maybe he didn't take it that hard

Day 04: I think he's okay

Day 14: Now he seems a little upset

Day 15: Should I ask him if he's alright?

Day 16: No, that's kinda stupid

Day 17: Did he really call me a whiny bitch?

Day 28: I do sort of miss his hugs

Day 29: I hugged him today, and it felt good

Day 30: We can actually comfortably talk

Day 31: Maybe we can still be good friends

Day 42: She says he still likes me

Day 43: I don't believe it that much

Day 44: I caught him staring at me in band

Day 45: Maybe she's right

Day 56: I'm not putting myself through that again

Day 67: I'm not giving into his advances

Day 78: Maybe I'll talk to that guy in history

Day 89: But he's not as interesting as him

Day 90: We grow closer as friends

Day 101: It's just like before we were dating

Day 112: Maybe we can both move on

Day 123: He agrees we shouldn't try again

Day 125: I'm thinking, maybe, I want to