hey hey lowl this is gonna be a collection of extremly random and useless poem juss for fun lowl hehe i hope you enjoy!

Humpty dumpty one two three

This useless poem is for you and me.

Yes, its random yes, it stupid

Hey those two are good together I guess I'm cupid.

Oh hell bow and bye bye arrow

Oh no I've gone tipsy like jack sparrow.

That's not fair why not jack parrot?

Then again I do prefer a carrot.

Orange yellow red and green

Aww what a shame it was all a dream.

lowl hehe i actuay got some of that from a really weird dream i had a couple of days ago! hehe pz plz plz read n review! ...well juss review cause your already reading erm yh...? haha...ha. lol hehe

luv y'all! yarnibabz is out hola!