Hierarchies are not restricted to countries without democracy, countries learned about in History classes. Even in middle schools, high schools, there is a hierarchy that manipulates the students into turning against each other.

The so-called "popular" kids could not have anyone at the top they viewed as a loser.

Nor anyone who even remotely associated with the bottom, lest the roof cave in and the earth burn to the ground in a blaze of stereotypes and ignorance.

One hint of being unique and deviating from what is considered "normal" at the top would apparently result in catastrophes and cataclysms.

Anyone who had "loser" qualities – or what the top viewed as such – was cast to the bottom. Some even below the bottom. Not even significant enough to have a place on the ranking system.

Not only that, but the subordinates could not possess anything resembling greater skill at anything.

Nerds and bookworms, shunned because of asinine jealousy and the need to usurp power.

Because popularity was sometimes valued more than education.

Because from a young age, children were being taught that being of a higher rank would earn them the attention they so desperately craved.

They learned from celebrities, people who were just the same as anyone else, save for the fact that everyone knew their name.

Celebrities, treated as if they had no flaws.

They couldn't possibly have any flaws.

Flaws weren't allowed, treated as sins.

At least according to society, with its standards that no human being could fit.

Standards that the population still craved to meet as they abided by the strict rules, succumbed to the oppression.

And when megalomaniacal, popularity-absorbed adolescents are thrust into the cruel, unforgiving world, they wonder what they did to deserve such cruelty. Not once does it seem to cross their minds that while they are attending parties or whatever else they did, their peers are learning all that they can.

The meek shall inherit the earth, because everyone else will have sunken too far into ignorance and stereotypes to ever be saved.