Back broken, shoulders haunched,
Life diminished and spirit crushed.
Alone and lost; a lamb amidst wolves.

Fear not, little lamb! A tiger approaches
it'll eat the wolves.
run to it, brave little lamb, from the frying pan into the fire.
It'll eat you too.

But you live still - a little less than you were
but breathing through the sobs.
Fighting for your life...strong little lamb.

Can you run, little lamb?
Can you escape?
Nay, wolves to your back and a tiger afore you.

Can you talk, little lamb?
Can you ask them to stop?
Nay, the tiger's cut out your tongue.

Can you fight, little lamb?
Can you hope to win?
Nay, the wolves have long since taken your courage.

Can you end it all, little lamb?
Can you give up on everything,
and take the easy route out,
the coward's path to the abyss?
Nay, you're far to strong for that.

You're stronger than them all, little lamb.

Author's Note: For those of you who are confused as to what this poem is going on about, I have less respect for you than for those who guessed it immediately. It is about bullying and I am sure that those who have experienced it understood the meanings of the poem. Those of you who failed to spot it were either the bullies who could not see the pain they were causing, or the people who stood by and let it happen.

I'm not saying this to point fingers or anger people, I'm simply stating the truth. People who have been through (or seen someone go through) bullying will understand the poem, and those who did not will be ignorant to it's meaning.

I hope it made all readers think, and I hope that you all took something from it.

In other news, there will not be a new chapter on Resilience tomorrow. It will be updated as soon as I have the time to write it (which may mean a whole week as I am busy this week). Hope you understand!