My name is Sara

I am,but three

Mommy and daddy hates me

They punch,Kick whatever gives me pain

At night they lock me up

Saying I was nuaghty

But I didn't do one thing

My Daddy blames me for silly things

For losing his Job and others things

He says He hates me

I do not believe

If he Does,why put up With me?

Mommy comes banging at the door

At 3 A.m Yelling and Screaming for me

" Yes mommy." I said

She says nothing

Just then She punches and kicks me into

the wall,I land on the Ground With a 'Thud'

I do not move

My name is Sara

I am,but three and

last night my mommy

murdered me.

Sorry If bad. I don't really write Poems that offten.