I listen as you reference yet another thing I don't understand

I ask about it and you try to explain it somehow

Eventually you just give up and I laugh at your annoyed smile

"It's fine," I tell you. Because, honestly it isn't that important I just love the sound of your voice.

We walk over to talk to a few people I know through you and they say

"Did you get her a rose?"

We both shout "No!" you in mock agreement and me in frustrated sadness

You ask me why it bothers me so much and I want to tell you

I really do

But, I just don't think that it's something I want you to know

It seems so trivial but I can't help it

I can't explain why I despise the words "Are You Dating?"

I want to but you would never understand

Once in a while I'll try to joke around with you and it will be mistaken as flirting and I'll immediatly stop then wait until I can go and cry away from everyone

People say that if I don't like you then it wouldn't bother me

But they'll never understand why.

No one will understand that I've been hurt one too many times.

After so many rumours have destroyed my friendships.

After so many people have betrayed my trust

After so many people have pitied me

I don't know who my real friends are and it's hard to know when people keep saying

"You should be together."

I know it shouldn't matter

Because the friendship will probably end sooner or later

Maybe it'd be better for it to end before I get too close to you

Or the end might be too much to handle.

No one will ever understand why I despise those words.

And I don't want them to.

A/N: More problems caused by that jerk. I have done everything except try to apologize, oh wait I have done that and he wouldn't even stop long enough for me to get the words out of mouth.

Basically some people in my current circle of friends{I'm guessing that by next year I'll end up back to being the lone kid who's life revolves around a fictional place that was real until the time she was in the sixth grade. Again, very bitter about the betrayal of the only friend who knew about the world1s grade no I haven't written poetry of her but I despise her too.} keep trying to set me up with a guy in the group who I apparenty follow around like a puppy dog. And they won't get the point that I really can't handle this right now. I want to tell the guy but I really can't figure out how to fit it into a conversation because he hates when I bring dating up. Yeah I can hold a grudge. Oh well. Anyone have a title suggestion?