"And why, sister, would I want you to see my new dagger?"

"Dad got it for both of us!"

"But I'm the son, which means I'm going to be using it."

"Girls can fight too!"

"A girl? Fighting? Ha! Fighting a cold perhaps!"

"Give it! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!"

"Fine! Here. Just don't tell Dad."

Janice smiled sweetly.

"Thanks Arnold."

She skipped away, dagger in hand, when a roar was heard from beyond. A roar so loud that it had travelled from Rodesk Summit to Langrend. Janice stopped dead in her tracks.

"Dragon," she whispered.

Guards readied their bows and swords. They knew that Rodesk was a breeding ground for dragons, but they had never attacked. They had flown overhead, and were a beautiful sight. They weren't when spewing fire at straw roofs.

"The town will catch fire before we even hurt it!" cried the captain of the guard, Finnus Mikart.

"What are we supposed to do? Retreat? This is a city, not a fort!"

"I understand that soldier, but the markets will catch fire and spread to the Governor's keep!"

"Won't that happen anyways?"

"Focus on killing it!"

The Governor, which is what each leader of a hold is known as, only The Governor, nothing else, sat calmly on his throne.

The dragon had landed, and was burning people alive.

"It has taken the lower district!" cried Finnus. "Retreat upwards!"

The guards ran, fearing for their lives, firing a few arrows at the dragon while they did. The dragon seemed to be hurt by them. It was weakening!

"Stop! Keep firing, all together!"

A wall of arrows was sent towards the dragon, each arrow hitting it's desired target. The dragon exposed it's fleshy underbelly, reeling upwards. Finnus ran forwards, shoving his sword into the dragon's belly, killing it. The beast fell over, dead. A guard approached him.

"We won."

Finnus heard more roars, three or four at a time.

"Not yet."