A/N: Hello world, Rajaee here. On my great (sarcasm alert) sister's insistence, I'm putting up the first chapter of a new story, called 'Our Cuff Chains'.

Imp. note: The characters Nicholas Satan, Elizabeth Satan and Serena Blossoms are from my other books, so there isn't much about them. Below's a brief description about them.

Nicholas Satan: Better known as 'Desdemon' Nick Satan, he's the numero uno priest who worships Lucifer Satan, making him one of the most influential and powerful person in this side of Satan's Realm. The Supreme Commander of the Devil Army (known as Ridata), he's the heir of the Monastery of Satan, the biggest and most powerful institution in Satan's Realm. Married to Elizabeth Taylor Satan, and father of Trisha Satan (the Second Spawn of Prophesy). One of the two people who can summon Lucifer Satan, the Devil, the other being his sister, 'Desdemonas' Vega Satan.

Elizabeth Satan: Previously a half-angel, Elizabeth gave up her celestial powers to ensure the balance of the cosmos as well as the safety of her unborn child. As an angel, had been the Supreme Commander of the Angel Army (known as God's Army; angels are a surprisingly boring lot), Nicholas Satan's biggest rival and lover. Awarded the title 'Hewa' for stopping the First War of Spawns, but gave up her celestial powers right after that. Now the principal of a small school, she's the wife of Nicholas Satan and the daughter of Trisha Satan (the Second Spawn of Prophesy)

Serena Blossoms: The owner of the multinational and multiplanetary chain of Flower Arrangement centers, Serena Blossoms is the wife of Darobji Akunawa, the Demon King of the South Quadrant. Known in a few circles as the incarnation of Ariel Inova, the last Empress of the Royal Inovian Line, she now lives in Xeria with her husband and his court, and all her homeless best friends. Serena Blossoms is the High Priestess of the Iralda religion which worships Mother Nature, putting her on an equal standing as 'Desdemon' Nicholas Satan.

'Desdemonas' means 'The daughter of the Devil', and 'Desdemon' means 'The son of the Devil.' If you notice the irony, an angel married a devil (Eliza and Nick) and a High Priestess married the Demon King (Serena and Darobji). Eliza and Nick have their own book (The angel and the Devil's Son) and Serena, with Darobji, has two books (Serena Blossoms, The Truth). But these aren't the three books I'm working on, so I guess you won't see them. Yeah, I'm evil.

Okay, since I've given you guys all of this, I think it's time I gave you a bit of 'Our Cuff Chains'.

Another important note. None of these stories, including this one, take place on Earth. It's on one of my planets, Xeria.


Excerpt (not the best, not the worst, just an excerpt):

"Hey, Nick. It's me, Kai. Is Eliza there?"

"No. She's at Serena's. Why?"

"No, it's just...I have a guest here and I'd like Eliza to check her out."

"Ooh, a girlfriend, eh?"

"Nick, it's not"-

But, as usual, Nicholas Satan didn't bother listening to what the person on the other line has to say. "You know, you could wait a little longer before introducing you girl to us buddies, y'know."

"I'm your buddy?"

"I know you're cocking your eyebrow there, Kai. I can't resist you Nature brats-it's the way I am." A moment of silence. "Is she hot?"

"That's not the point. Nick"-

"Not the point? Kai, are you"-

"I found her in the rain with nowhere to go, and I got her here, alright? Now stop harassing me!"

"Ooh, don't get your boxers in a twist-if you're wearing them..."

"I'm wearing my clothes, you gutter-minded devil."

Nick started laughing on the other line, which just irked the hell out of Kai. The bloody devil loved picking on him, and was such a pain in his-

"Is something wrong?"

He jumped at the sound of her voice, and turned to her as she appeared next to him. "No, there's nothing wrong."

Nick's deep voice came from the phone. "Hey, Kai, give it to her."

He turned around and growled into the speaker, "Lay off, Nick."

"If you don't give it to her, I'm coming there."


"Pussy-brain. Cocksucker. Look, we can exchange insults, but I want to talk to her. So give."

He sighed. Trust that arsehole to make a trip in the rain. He handed it to her. "He wants to talk to you."


Nick's smirk disappeared as soon as he heard her voice over the phone, and he frowned.

"It...It's a friend of mine. He says he wants to speak to you."

She blinked and looked around. "Where is he?"

He was sure now. Nick pressed the phone to his ear. Kai would have his arse and fry it if he was wrong, so he wasn't going to get this wrong.

Kai sighed. "You have to hold that end to the ear, and the other end to your mouth. And speak."

She cradled the reciever to her ear. "Like this?"

Now he knew.

"Hello? Hello?"

"What's wrong?"

She looked at Kai. "It's buzzing."

Kai frowned. His expression eased for a split-second upon hearing the knock at the door, but then turned into a full-blown scowl. "That arsehole told he he would lay off..." he muttered and grumbled as he made his way to the door. He swung open the door and growled, "What are you...?"

The cold expression on Nick's face stopped him dead. "Where is it?"

"It?" A part of Kai screamed in warning, but Kai didn't know what was going on. "What are you talking about?"

"Where is it? She? The girl you got home?"

Kai took many steps back. "Why do you call her an 'it'? Nick, what's going on?"

"What happened?" her voice approached them.

And Kai saw something he'd never wanted to see again.

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