Viva Computer Super-Store

"I quit." Brian poked a scraggly finger into the chest of his manager who only glared. His manager was a huge, hulking man and Brian slowly removed his finger and backed up.

"I'm tired of working this stupid job. You know what? I don't now a single goddamn thing about computers!" Brian yelled, the Computer Superstore didn't exactly have a busy time, being in a Nevada dead zone, but the few people who were in the store stopped to watch the scene.

Brian began walking towards the door, still yelling wildly. A fat middle aged woman took out her cell phone and began taping the ordeal.

Brian, one hand on the door, whipped around and pointed at the manager. "And your girlfriend's fat."

With that, he clamored out the door and to his truck. It was a pick-up truck that almost never functioned properly, but he had taken it in and declared it his own. The truck's name was Katherine.

He slammed the door and climbed into the tacky faux cow-hide covered seat. He put the key into the ignition just in time to see his manager barreling out of the store right towards him. He swore and tried to start the car, but of course, the engine stalled.

The manager began banging on the car window and yelling, spit flying from his lips.

"Roll down the window, asshole!"

Brian desperately attempted to start the car, which was being unusually stubborn. "God damn it, Katherine."

Finally, the car started and Brian sped out of the parking lot. He saw his manager shoot him the bird from the parking lot. Brian smiled; it felt good to be a free man.

Brian watched the desert of Nevada roll by. They always looked so majestic in movies, in real life they pretty much just looked like dirt.

Brian turned the radio on and turned the A/C up, singing along to a familiar song.

"Viva, Las Vegas. Viva, Las Vegas. Viva, viva, viva. . ."