A Snake Named Snafu

Hahahaha. Let us mar your face.
Let us chisel your skin and sculpt your disgrace.
With the silver blade of sin and disgust
let us dance with the truth and serenade your trust.

Sashay, my dear prince. Your gait is so daft.
Your innocuous remarks make me giggle and laugh.
Small talk is for chumps yet you've trumped me fair
for a man who maunders much is far from debonair.

Your eyes drift to my bust; my hands lift to your cuffs.
I can see your desires and your face tells me enough.
Your fingers intertwine, circuitous and snug.
I make serpentine and wrap around for a hug.

I coil around your soul and entrap your free will.
I coddle your loins as you thrust with such thrill.
They say royalty is bound by blood but I beg to differ.
Corruption controls all and countless idiots have kissed her.

All men in power are mannequins of instruction.
Corruption will soon lead to our imminent destruction.