All it took was one crack, an anomaly in the cryostasis mechanism, for the body inside to jolt alive.

In the middle of a large room the size of a basketball court was a huge cylinder of ice, surrounded by monitors and wires. The room was outfitted with cooling mechanisms and machinery of all shapes and sizes; its computers specially built to handle and maintain the freezing temperatures that confined the beast. Steel supports lined the pillar of ice so that its faint glow cast a shadow liked a bar code on the cold, stone floor.

And all it took was a crack.

The beast within the ice opened its eyes and a thousand things went through its mind, most worryingly, it was encased in something horribly cold.

With a simple twist, it broke through 10 inches of ice, sprawling all over the floor. It's limbs were all numb, starting to tingle as more blood was starting to be
pumped through them.

The beast lifted himself off the floor and gazed at his hands, a pair of well built arms with claws on its ends, there was also little tufts of white hair eerily tinted purple at the tip on its elbows.

A blaring sound of large amplitude and irritating frequency thundered across the room, the lights went off to be replaced by dimmer, red ones that tinted the room with a crimson hue. Despite having absolutely no memory whatsoever of this confinement, the beast instinctively knew it signified danger. A feminine voice accompanied the noise.

"Progenitor Delta has escaped cryostasis at B7, all security personnel to report to Cryostasis Labs at B7, repeat, Progenitor Delta has escaped..."

Of course the beast did not understand a single thing the voice was uttering and looked to the air in confusion, unable to trace its source.

Longing to escape the ominous room, it located the weak link in strength among the walls: the twin steel doors at the front. The beast charged through it, tearing through the metal and landing on the other end, a pale, brightly lit corridor.

A flurry of footsteps echoed from one end an the beast turned to face it; about a dozen or men dressed in black combats appeared, wielding dark grey AA-12s loaded with non lethal rubber ammunition.

The beast did not know what to make of them and warily assessed them as it rubbed its sore shoulder. It was then the first shot was fired: a solid 12 inch rubber slug punched it in the torso, releasing a cloud of ammonia as well.

The beast staggered backwards, the foul smell of ammonia smothering his highly sensitive nose. Realizing they were a threat, it bared it's fangs and claws.

"Engage Target! Keep firing!" yelled one of the men.

The beast leaped and closed the gap between it and the squadron, side flipping into the center of the pack. Before the men could react, it lashed out with a powerful backhand, catching one line of men on the jaws and dislocating every one of them. Two stun rods were then thrust at it from the mass of bodies,which the beast instinctively whipped them to the side with its tail. It spun and went for an elbow strike, caving in a man's face, before finishing off the last man with a knee to the gut.

The beast looked down at the squirming pile of sub conscious guards and took off, focusing on its escape.

Yet another pair of masked men appeared around the corner. The beast simply drove its claws into their faces before they could raise their weapons.

"Initiating Lockdown on B7..."

Blinking away blood from its eyes, the beast saw a huge metal wall coming down on the end of the corridor, it was pure instinct that told the beast that was a bad thing.

It dashed across the path and slid under the wall with ease, diving above another that was moving upwards.

Now it came to a huge area: a massive cylinder carved into the ground with walkways spiraling around the walls, the beast could see the circle of morning sky at the top.

How it longed for fresh air...

A barrage of rubber rounds smacked the walls around it and the beast ducked behind a few boxes, reprimanding itself for letting its guard down. With one deep breath, he ran on all fours along the long, spiral walkway.

"Target is heading for surface, over ..."

"I'm in position at the top of the catwalk..."

"Coming from below via central elevator, let's sandwich this fucker..."

The beast kept running, its bare feet and claws skimming the metal steps as hails of bullets just missed it by millimeters. It halted around three quarters to the top, where another squad of men in black came out of a set of doors.

It couldn't back down now...

A couple of bullets manage to slam into the beast from the front, sending it tumbling down a few steps. Suddenly, yet another team came into view, all on a huge elevating platform in the center.

Learning from the painful encounter with the rubber bullets, the beast so no other choice but to barge through a single door at the side, just in time to avoid another torrent of rounds.

The beast staggered into yet another corridor, this time simply lit with fluorescent bulbs and pipes lined the walls; the whole area was stuffy and choking.

The beast readied itself near the door it came through, expecting the men to emerge from there. However, no one came through, there was not even a sound from the other side.

The door suddenly blew open, flying straight for the beast, who narrowly dodged it with a roll to the side. It scurried off the floor and took off once again as the armed men once again resumed their pursuit. It did not really care who was chasing it now; all that mattered was that these pursuers seemed to have everything working on their side.

"Right there! Right there!"

"Open fire!"

The beast was confused and tired and it could now feel the bullets skidding off his skin. To make things worse, the path it was on now came to a dead end, a wall with nothing but an array of levers, switches and signals.

The beast frantically tackled the wall, a few bullets were now beating into its back now that it was immobile.

The beast held its breath as the ammonia got to its nose and some other gas was making his eyes tear, with one last tackle it managed to flip a switch, causing the left wall to open up and reveal what looked like a disposal chute.

"But that leads to the incinerator..."

The beast shot one last look at his captors before jumping in, using his tail to jam the chute door forcefully to the sides.

It was finally alone in a long tunnel down, an intense heat emitting from the bottom. The beast had propped himself up against the sides with his arms and legs, straining against the smooth metal walls so as not to fall below.

Heaving a sigh of relief, it began a slow climb upwards...