Chapter 14

Kurtis was back in the very tunnels he fought Patcher in, running down the tracks on all fours. As much as he hated being down in this gloomy, dull network, he felt as if he needed to start somewhere.

For an hour or so now he had been following the path the cargo train took Patcher down in, and he eventually stopped at a huge depot.

"How much are we done with the clean up?" came a heavily accented voice.

"Almost, ma'am. Last round of bleaching is in 5 minutes."

"Good. Remember the wreckage itself is for the train staff to handle."

Kurtis wondered why this person spoke so weirdly.

He peeked out from the low wall he was hiding behind: the depot had three mag-rail tracks in the middle with two large platforms on both sides brimming with crates and huge canisters of mysterious chemicals. At the end of the depot was the cargo train, crashed into the far end. Strangely, the mass of bodies that was once Patcher was not present at the front.

There was a rather stern looking woman near a cluster of crates accompanied by a tall, blonde haired man with broad shoulders; both wore black combat gear. Aside from those two, the other people scurrying around the place were in white lab coats.

Kurtis lay behind the low wall for a while, watching crates move in and out of the place. After 5 minutes, the woman finally spoke.

"Wrap it up now," she said, "HQ wants us back. Mikael, let us leave first."

The two important looking personnel left.

Kurtis began creeping around the platform, staying as low as he could to avoids letting his hair poke out from the crates.

He moved from box to box and eventually arrived at the cluster the woman and the man were standing. There was a foldable table in the middle with plastic bags and containers filled with what looked like flesh, but what caught his eye was Nicole's silver locket lodged in between the train tracks, hidden in plain sight.

"What the...!"

Kurtis instinctively swung his tail and lodged a bunch of hair darts into the man behind him, whose eyes widened when he saw the darts sticking out of his chest.


The man's jaw was blown clean off. There were screams and a bunch of armed men came down the stairs on the side.


Kurtis grabbed an important looking lone vial off the desk and reache out to grab the locker, throwing them both into a dimensional portal, withdrawing the Basilisk while he was at it. He brought the gun around and stared down its long slide. For the first time in his life, he fired a pistol.

The gun kicked with surprisingly low recoil and the rounds hit two men in the shoulders. The others took cover.

"I repeat! We have Delta in the depot! Delta is in the depot!"

Kurtis ran forward and slid across the ground, firing away, catching the men by surprise.

One of them rushed forward and swung the butt of the rifle at Kurtis; it hit him square in the mouth and he rolled to the side, back flipping off the platform to dodge a burst of rifle rounds.

Kurtis brought up the pistol once more and fired two shots, busting the man's knee caps. He heard more footsteps from the stairs and swung his sights upon it. The two people from before were there.

"Do you want me to handle this or what?" asked the lady.

The burly man snorted.

"Let me."

The man lumbered towards Kurtis.

"Come here you puny little..."

Kurtis emptied the rest of the Basilisk's clip into the approaching man. The bullets indeed hit him but were stopped by his bulletproof vest. The man known as Mikael only took a few steps back from the impacts.

"That's not very nice..."

He raised his hands and suddenly, all the rifles from the dead guards from before flew to his direction and levitated in front of him.

Kurtis flipped over to the other platform and slid into cover just as all the guns fired. The crates he was talking cover behind were getting shredded by the sheer force. He could hardly poke his head out as the moment he did so, more rounds would force him back behind cover.

Mikael continued suppressing Kurtis until he was right behind the crates. He reached over and grabbed Kurtis by the hair and pulled him out. Before he could retaliate by extending an elbow blade, Mikael landed a solid punch straight into his snout, sending him skidding across the smooth floor.

Kurtis jumped back on his feet and weaved under a right hook from Mikael, swinging his arm blade at his stomach. The blade got lodged and stuck there with a metallic clunk.

Mikael elbowed the blade and it broke off with two strikes, followed by an uppercut sent Kurtis flying across the platform, landing face first onto the ground.

Kurtis grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall and flung it at Mikael. It got impaled on the shard of Kurtis' blade stuck in Mikael's stomach and blew a cloud of carbon dioxide gas around him.

"Why you little...!" By the time all the gas was exhausted and he removed both the shard and the extinguisher, the dragon was gone.

Kurtis was running up the steps three at the time, leaving the bulletproof freak behind with the authoritative woman.

He ascended to what looked like a huge cargo bay with containers stacked on the left side and a bevy of huge trucks on the other. He did not know it, but Kurtis was at the supplies and goods hub of Linburg.

A bunch of men wielding rifles came from the right and opened fire, leaving Kurtis with no choice but to run into the maze of containers.

The containers stacked as high as a typical house, with metal walls that echoed the shouts of the men pursuing Kurtis. He had been running for a good ten minutes before finding a spot for him to rest and mull his strategy over.

Leaning against the container, Kurtis looked around the corner to check for hostiles; there did not seem to be anyone for now.

Kurtis was suddenly aware of the roar of an engine and looked up; a quad rotor helicopter was now heading towards its direction.

"What the hell..." he thought, going back in cover and summoning his pistol once again. He needed an escape route. And fast.

Kurtis quickly hauled himself over the container he was taking cover behind and started hopping across the top of the various cargo.

"This is Guardian 1-6. Progenitor Delta has been spotted. Opening fire..."

The chopper's twin machine guns spun and launched a volley of rounds at Kurtis, who zig zagged across the roofs to avoid the bullets.

"Firing rockets..."

Kurtis raised his gun at a container in front of his and shot off the lock. Just as two rockets launched off their pods, he threw himself into the container and the rockets smacked into the side, causing the container to tumble down below.

"Delta is in the red just tumbled down into Sector A, over..."

Squadrons of men surrounded the overturned crate lying in the middle of the path, rifles ready.

"Open careful."

A dozen laser rights trained on the doors of the container as two men went forward and grabbed a handle each.

"One, two..."

The doors swung open and Kurtis lay in the middle of the empty container, his left arm twisted gruesomely behind his back.

"We got him now..."

The men went in and dragged him out into the sun. One of them radioed command.

"This is Nargis 1-6, we have Delta secure..."

"Careful, Nargis 1-6, that container held mining explosives."

"But there weren't any..."

Kurtis' eyes flew open and immediately, a bunch of purple portals appeared in mid air, dropping barrels off TNT all over the formation of armed men. Each barrel had shards of Kurtis' hair embedded in them.

"Get down...!"

The sheer amount of explosives blew the soldiers into red mist; with his left arm dangling awkwardly, Kurtis ran through the thick black smoke and out of the cargo bay.

"Where did it...?"

"It got away, Major," said the spectacled man, William.

Reinback drummed his fingers on the desk, his other hand striking his chin.

"And what did Mikael had to say about that...?"

"It was certainly smarter than last time."

Reinback sighed.

"It looks like our team would have to be a little more involved next time. You sure the security cameras within a mile radius of the place didn't detect anything?"

William took off his glasses.

"One moment sir," he said, his eyes suddenly turned bright blue and Reinback say there watching him gaze into empty space for a few seconds.

"Nope. Nothing within 30 minutes off his escape," said William, placing his specs back on, eyes reverting to normal.

"That's ok..." Reinback pulled out his PDA to get to work, "at least we now know who his allies are..."