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My neck feels sore and numb from the rusty chains, Silvester; I don't want to breathe anymore. The damp cold bars against my back remains the same- muted and uncaring. What should I do? Lockheart already left me, and nobody is here. All that I see is the abyss of this black box, alluring yet horrifying. I tried to go there once, but my body wouldn't respond. It was stiff and pale and dead, much to my dismay. This asylum slowly eats away the life left of me. What should I do? Stick figures begin to dance along the edges of the marigold lining again, all of them alike in their varying forms. They look happy in that little merry-gathering, unperturbed by my presence. How I wish everything else does the same— act as if I never existed and carry on with their tasks with glee. It's just a pity that I have a strong attraction on Death. What should I do?

The Council made their biggest mistake of caging me in here, I swear. They made the wrong choice, and it should have paved way for the truth to be revealed to the universe. Crows turn white and oceans dry up, but still nobody reacts to this stupidity. How can they not know? In this damned land, six unfortunate souls hold the key to my ultimate condemnation or diabolic freedom— they'll just have to decide on which is more favorable for their craving luxuries. If I were them, I'd immediately gather my minions and break from gravity, shattering The Council's ground, and watch the end begin. But then again, if I were them, I'd let Fate take its natural course; there is no use in altering the future if and only if the conclusion to this madness will be the same shit. Well, they roam around and burn alive for all I care, asking the right path to take. How can they not know?

My eyes hurt a lot, especially the left. I used it when I escaped from the woods as far as I remember, as well as in other important events— I wouldn't tell what. But what is this sensation that I feel? I completely see everything around me, yet there is more, as if I have access to the outside world; tell me how this is possible, Silvester. I'm confused, I'm curious. The stick figures vanished and were replaced by the runes set up by that filthy fairy, yet the nostalgic aura lingered by. The cyan orbs went closer to me, their cores appearing to be nothing more than tiny daffodils. They were with me from the very beginning, yet their presence can be useful only when I'm alone. How sad- nobody gets to see them work. The dainty glow was a sight to see. Lidia would have been delighted to touch the soft petals; I suppose I'll have to bring some home when I get back my time.

From afar, a pitiful grave by the cliff of the West hugged by red soil and one sleeping dragon was the view. I see the frame in a dog's eyes— all was grey, freaking grey. I can fit in the hole of the ground, but I'm afraid I nothing can make me go there. The chopped creature beside it had my body colder than ice. The back of my mind kept on scavenging for the lost memories I've stuffed up on that specific face. Nix. Nicholas. Ned. Nock. That name— I can't recall. In his human form, he looked like Alex... but no. He was more like Uriel when it comes to the stubbornness and bravery. Silvester, I know you loathed him, so I definitely memorized everything about him by heart. I don't understand why I can't say his name, or relive the detestable chapters in my life that I've spent with him. Magic was with that lowlife, and there still is some left. My jaw dropped at the current situation I found myself in; I'm losing brain cells by the minute.

Before I could shift my attention to anything else, the flooring of the other side cracked. Someone was behind me, but as usual, I didn't budge. I'm not in the mood, and if I can breathe, that's enough. I'll still hear the outside even in my forsaken state— I'm not deaf. As I blinked once, warm blood knelt down, its body with four legs panting in exhaustion. I smirked, realizing that he used the third path— the maze-like roller coaster. It required more than the average stamina and concentration for the course was long and confusing. How lucky of this person to cross the last station...

"Do you want some tea? Or do you prefer coffee?"

"What luck brought you two here?"

There that snow white fairy stood, her stilettos piercing through the huge hump of human flesh. She had her hair tied in a high bun, and the typical layers of coats had disappeared, leaving a plain white fit turtle neck and combat shorts. The double blades on her hands appeared sharper than they usually were, added the moss-like fluid drooling from them. This lady with the cute height cocked her head to one side and mocked us indirectly; I suppose she didn't mean to offend. The slight change in her facial expression gave away the question in her mind. Of course, I held many unspoken words, and Fangles seemed speechless at the scenery before us— who wouldn't wonder what things run through our drained brains?

"We're on a trip to France, but..." I sighed. Scratching the back of my head, I smiled sheepishly. "I just can't leave a fair lady slashing her way out of this blood pool."

She snorted, her guard kept up. One of her arms swung freely, and later on deliberately pointed the sharp thing at me. "Lady? What part of me is a lady, huh? If I had not known you both as my nephew's companions, I would have already turned your intestines into soup."

Lockheart raised a brow, a bit disturbed by her comment on soups. "Excuse me, but I'm not edible..."

"True, true— we both aren't, Madame." I laughed and dismissed.

She lowered her weapon, grimacing at us for the sudden flow of conversation. "Whatever you two say..."

The casual greetings felt wrong- something was amiss. My skin began to itch, and I noticed that Lockheart held his breath. As my eyes momentarily wandered off, a ray of light peeked through my left; the long and bumpy night with the undead has ended. The color palette ticked with more life, revealing the actual situation. Right in front of us was the fairy lady and the lump of carcass; beside was my truck, her Audi, and a flat tire. Within a minute, the sun paved way for my senses to feel the lurking presence of four-legged beings by the greenery near my companion. The Vampire bit his lower lip, his eyes fixed on one specific shadow.

I followed his glare, and was surprised to have automatically distinguished the figure's identity. It had luscious chocolate brown fur, its eyes a gleaming sea. Across its face marred a huge and fresh scar, drips of maroon continuously flowing down the muzzles. The wolf-like creature was 20 feet in height, and probably one of its legs can provide my meat necessity for three months. By then it advanced forward, paws tainted with mud, as the rest did the same. It was Andrea, Sam's mate. I had not seen her for the last 50 years, so the sudden appearance forced me to buffer for information. She was still beautiful that it made me smile; she was a timeless weirdo.

I would have panicked and shouted at Andrea if Andrew wasn't here. The idea of having a Vampire and a Shapeshifter together with me isn't a good one; he almost lost his cool, just as the female wolf would want to bite his head off. They're natural enemies, but I didn't consider their personal history— that was one of my gravest mistakes ever made. I felt a slight pressure as the space between them closed in. Lidia raised one delicate brow as I began sweating ice, her attention shifting from my lady friend to my lunatic buddy. Clearer than glass, the tension stretched over the vicinity like rubber; the five wolves entered the area with caution and grace whilst Fangles grounded his feet to the ground. I wanted to break the silence, though I was literally out of words.

"This is how you greet us?" She started.

"Do I have an obligation to welcome you? I don't host a dog show, mutt." That statement hit the nerve.

The four wolves behind her bared their fangs; Andrew merely rolled his eyes. "You never changed since then, did you?!"

Curling his fists into balls, he did his best to exercise his self-control. With one final glare, he turned his back and basically walked away. The pack jaw-dropped at the sudden action, but Lidia nodded in satisfaction. If the conversation went on, it will definitely end in a brawl. My head was filled with all the possible conclusions to the obvious fight; add the fair lady's thoughts to the fortune cookie. The guy dragged his feet to the truck and locked the door. He munched on the nuts, shutting his eyes to the world. We all gawked at him for a nice three minutes before we snapped into reality. The seven of us standing at the Hill of The Dead with no subject created another awkward situation. I heard thirteen heel taps before someone opened up a topic.

"How is Asia?"

Lidia beamed. "Middle East is completely obliterated, and Japan is hanging by a thin thread. The rest is dying, much like what happened in Canada." her slender fingers ran through her silky hair. "The two poles?"

This time, I answered the question. "They're reversed, so the rotation and revolution of this place is pretty much damned."

"Earth is shrinking too..." Andrea supplied another piece of information.

A sand-colored youngster sat on the cold floor, his legs strained from the runs he made. He let out a soft whimper before speaking out. "Animals under the soil are dying, and the ones with wings are beinghunted down by those on land."

"A school of fish flew past us as well..."

They all had the same mask of disbelief, and I heard Andrew choke on his snack. "They fly now?" Andrea clarified.

I nodded.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing. I don't expect a fair judgment from them..."

"But what if I tell you that I can set you free?"

He laughed and mocked me. "I can do that without any help, Samuel." A thin wisp of life escaped from his cell. "All I need is a loyal comrade."

Burning ice. Rotting flesh. Hopeless Wish.

I could promise him that, but nothing came out of my mouth; it was as if a force hindered me from doing so. Scott has always been a part of my team, and abandoning him means death for me. I considered him as family, my own brother, so no other treaty or vows will break our bond. The Council had separated us, but now that we've sorted things out, I will assure his path be cleared of obstructions. I've been told of the truth, and I will hold his words as a sign of change. The beginning of The Rebellion must be pushed through no matter what.

"Please. I am begging you..." His ghost voice terrified me.

I won't betray his trust again; I swear that I shall not sell him to the Pilates like I did before. "You haunt me in my dreams, Scott."

Crawling closer to me, he breathed in lightly. "The beauty and horror of the night can only be felt if you have seen the weeping of the Nightingale..."