The stunning blonde who was serving my bacon and egg at the roadside Greasy Spoon gave me a wink.

"So, you're going to Arizona?" She asked me as she placed my food in front of me.

"Yeah. I'm meeting my niece Alice there because it's my sister's funeral." I replied casually as she sat down opposite me.

"I think it's best if I come with you then. You're my last order of the day, and going up to Arizona is dangerous. You could get caught in Hell's circle." She sighed, almost sadly.

"Hell's Circle?" I enquired.

"Hell's circle is a death trap for all new travellers to Arizona. First, a little girl, who looks about five, comes walking past your car. You swerve to avoid her, and crash into a palm tree. When you recover from that, the whole world has changed. The pits of sand on the ground turn to pits of blood, the palm tree you crashed into bursts into flame, and the little girl you swerved to avoid is still there. But she's got a grip on your hand, and it's then that you can see her red eyes. If they don't-" She hissed in a deathly voice, before I cut her off.

"How'd you know all that?" I whispered into her ear.

"I know a few guys who it's happened to. And you're quite attractive. Don't want anything to happen to you, do we?" She smirked.

"Ok then. You can come with me. On one condition. You don't use up my cigarettes." I growled, pushing my plate aside and walking out, the girl following me behind.

"Let's do this." She grinned.