You promised to stay by my side

you promised to love me forever

you promised to be with me no matter what

where are you daddy?

I sniff and whimper in the darkness of the night

I scream and shout at the nightmares that cause me

so much fright

what happened to that promise you gave me?

It is now nothing,but string

Why are you gone?Why did you go away?

I loved you

you loved me

What happened between us Daddy?

At school the kids make fun of me

They call me rude things

I cry and whimper I have no comfort

Mommy went away too Didn't she?

You are with mommy like you wanted to be

Tonight is the night that I will be free

I pulled out a gun and counted to three





The gun went off and so did me

Now I am with my Daddy

Yay me.