Ugh, another day in the life of me, Amy Zachary. Wonderful name, isn't it? Well here I am listening to the same music, sitting in the same restaurant, eyes still peeled for a cute boy that wasn't there. And I'm still stuck sitting in the kid's booth even though I've been thirteen for a little over six months now. I'm sitting with my two annoying-but-so- cute-that-you-love-them-to-death-anyways sisters. We've been here for about two hours now and the food has long since been cleared from our tables, but my parents, as always, have insisted on lagging around and chatting with their friends for like ... Forever! They do know I have a life too, right?

Well anyways, I got up and walk over to them.

"Mom! Can we leave now? We've been here for like two hours now!"

"No, I'm still chatting and about being here for two hours, you spent at least an hour of that shopping!" Did I forget to mention that? Yeah well, a girl can't live without her hoop earrings! If you aren't of the female gender, you won't understand, don't feel bad about it though! It's a girl thing.

"Yeah mom, but seriously, I have a ton of homework to do if I want to get to go see the concert tomorrow!" The part about having homework was true, but I definitely wasn't planning on doing that when I got home. I'm kind of a bookworm…..okay, I'm a major bookworm, and I just got into a book I picked up from the library today, which I forgot at home and I'm itching to get my fingers on it.

"No, you can wait until dad and I are done talking."

"And when will that be?" So yes I was a little sassy, but wouldn't you be too?

"I don't know, and I am getting sick and tired of your sass little lady! Now go back to your table." Ugh, I really hate her sometimes(Sorry mom!) so I turned around and stalked back to my table, scowling for the whole five steps there, but when I got there my littlest sister managed to "turn my frown upside down", even if I didn't want her to.

"Amsy! Amsy! Come play my new game with me!" She's so sweet she makes your teeth hurt, I swear!

"Yeah Bunny, sure." She was born near Easter so someone came up with "Bunny" for a nickname. I can't even remember who came up with it after all, but I'm sure my other sister would claim credit for it if you asked her.

I slide into the booth next to her, still angry with my mother. But I put that aside and looked down at Barbara(awful name, right, my parents seem to have a thing for that), ready to learn how to play this new game that I just bought for her.

"So Amsy," she's been calling me that for as long as I can remember(when she was little she couldn't figure out how to say Amy, so she called me amsy and it stuck, I mean seriously my dad even made it my email address!)" This is how you play."

One hour and many complicated directions later I had come close to mastering this game of hers.

"No Amsy! You do it this way!" Well maybe I wasn't so close.

I was sick and tired of waiting.

"Mom are we leaving now?"

"Ask your father." I hate when she says that because it means no but she doesn't want to deal with it. Do your parents ever do that? I bet not, because it's so uncool! I mean I would probably hate my parents... You know, if they weren't my parents and all.