Ever wonder how Death got his job?Well, I'm here to tell you. If you have a moment. Let us turn back many millenia ago...

There was once a man named Neo. There are no records of him now; they were destroyed in many different vicious ways. But he was real. And he was in love with a woman whos name was Caroline. She was beautiful and well learned. She was kind and caring, and her family was known and profitable. Neo loved Caroline and Caroline loved Neo. But since Caroline was beautiful and kind others envied Neo for being her lover. And things happened. Bad things.

Evil saw Caroline and wanted her for himself. So Evil talked with Hades and they made a deal. If Caroline was to die in the current year, Evil would have to do one thing for him in return of Caroline's soul. And they mingled blood to seal their that year; the day before Caroline's seventeenth birthday, there was a cattle stampede. And Caroline was caught in the rush. Now that Evil had stolen Carolline's soul as a companion, he had to fulfill his side of the deal. And with Caroline who had become a doll of a soul with no purpose, he went to visit Hades. When he arrived Hades told him what to do. "Find me a deliverer. My least favorite part is the delivering. I hate leaving my kingdom and my sweet Persperone on the sparce moths she's here. Find one for me and the deal is done." Evil nodded and swept away with Caroline. Later that day, Evil appeared to Caroline's lover, Neo. Evil made a deal with Evil. He could have Caroline back. If you work as a deliverer for Hades. Neo agreed and as they shook his skin and muscles fell from his body as a snake would shed its skin. But he remained alive. He had to dress in a full length hooded cloak and a large scyth adorned his bony right hand. Evil smiled and he gave Caroline to him.

"You are Hades' Deliverer, you have to take the dead across, so take this lily away." Neo had Caroline back, for seconds and now he would lose her, forever. Neo started to walk into the horizion where the land of the dead met the land of the turned to him and spoke, "I don't remember you, but I do know you were important to me, long ago. You gave up your life for me and I'm grateful." She reached up and gave him a kiss on his bony lips and she turned and walked through the horizion. Neo turned and walked away. He spoke, "I am Neo no longer. Neo had walked across the horizion with his love, Caroline. I am Death, And I am your Deliverer."