First day of ninth grade

a teenage boy walked into the school

ready to learn and meet new people

he went up the stairs to his locker

only to be met by the jocks

they shoved him into the locker

and called him gay

laughed at him

then ran away

he was late to class

because he dropped his stuff

the teacher yelled at him

then told him to shut up

he sat down sadly

thought about what a horrible day this was

class went by slowly and he ran out

when the bell rang

he went to his next few classes,

them all the same,

boring and dull,

and sucky and lame,

when he went to lunch

no one would sit with him,

he sat alone,

by the cafeteria window,

he walked to the next period,

hoping for the better,

only to figure out,

he sat by the jocks,

they pushed him and kicked him

and told him it was a joke,

but he knew it wasn't

which was the worst of all,

he ran to last period,

the end of the day,

he sat down with a sign

and laid down his head,

the teacher came by,

thinking he was asleep,

and pushed him to wake up,

and he fell out his seat,

everyone laughed,

his cheeks burst red,

the teacher said sorry,

then the school bell rang,

he ran out the door and down the street,

to his old house,

his only safety,

he ran to his room and flew onto his bed,

wishing for a better day,

sometime ahead,

he went to the kitchen

and grabbed a blade,

anything that could make the pain go away,

he slashed at his wrists,

crying in pain,

he knew no one cared,

so why was he there,

he sat on the floor,

while his wrists bled free,

he sat there in silence,

as his breathed deeply,

his parents came home,

late that night,

to find their only son,

on the floor with a knife,

his mom cried immediately

while his dad called 911 speedily

but nothing could save him,

he was long gone.