A twist, a turn, a sharp change in direction,

Paths curving, dripping venom like a vipers fangs

Decisions to be made based on past experiences

Living like a tyrant demanding that all your needs

Be met

You fear the day that your heart is found

You fear the day that your methods will be used

Against you by the very ones you trained

Silence is met with the jagged music coursing

Through your veins

You walk the razors edge only to fall into

The embrace of the tip of the thread

Caution thrown to the wall to bounce back

Towards your head, beating, thumping, begging

To be let through the doorway

So you add it to your vulnerable sensibilities

Though you lie to yourself and say your walls

Are iron-strong and not easily shattered glass-weak

Alone on your throne, you never thought you

Would get here

You never thought you would succeed in your mad plan

But here you are at the tip-top of the world

Here you are among the oxygen deprived

So high on their own importance oblivious to their


Do you know what you fear the most?

You are afraid that you will be